Greater Two-Handed Weapon Specialization

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<!-Greater Two-Handed Weapon Specialization-> [<!-Fighter Bonus Feat->][edit]

<!-Through intense study and training and even more intense ferocity, you have transformed your favorite two-handed companion from a mere weapon to a true instrument of destruction.->
Prerequisite: <!-Power Attack, Weapon Focus (any two-handed weapon), Improved Critical (any two-handed weapon)->, [[3e Prerequisite::3e Prerequisite Feat::<!-Two-Handed Weapon Specialization-> (3.5e Feat)|<!-Two-Handed Weapon Specialization->]]
Benefit: Increase the critical multiplier of any two-handed weapon by one. I.e. Great Axe X4 or Great Sword 19-20 X3.
Normal: Weapons deal critical damage as detailed in their rule descriptions.
Special: For obvious reasons, this feat has no effect on combat against creatures that are immune to critical hits. Fighters may choose Greater Two-Handed Weapon Specialization as one of their fighter bonus feats.

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