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Moderately Aberrant

The Great Black Swamp is a morass of horrid, twisted things. If you are lucky, you encounter monstrous alligators, giant snakes, lizard folk, and huge insects. If you are unlucky you encounter black dragons, hydra, and or aboleth.

Few have braved this swamp. Much of what lies in here is a mystery. There are several reported cities deep within the swamp, long overgrown. Some say that terrible gods are sometimes worshipped here, and that the altars still run with the blood of human sacrifice.


Name: Great Black Swamp
Planar Size: Huge Plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: None
Government Type: None
Other Organizations:
  • Tribal Lizardfolk
Capital: None
Languages: None
Religion: None
Patron Deity: None
Resources: None
Important Locations:
  • North Ruins
  • South Ruins
  • Lizardfolk Villages


The Great Black Swamp is an immense expanse of water, pestilence, and mud. Few explore this place as there are so few rewards for exploring this place.

There were once some sort of civilization here. The ruins inside prove that a civilization once arose in the swamp. No one knows who they are or where they went.

Planar Information[edit]

The plane lies among the other Rhakotian planes. To its south is Flintland. It acts as a natural barrier to to Glittering Vale in the east.

The swamp is unusually flat with a few islands scattered through it.

The general climate is hot with frequent rainfall. The humidity is always high.

The plane hosts a panoply of life. The waters hosts fish, turtle, carnivorous lizards, giant insects, crustaceans, oozes, and algae. In the trees live a host of arboreal creatures, such a monkeys, sloth, birds, bats, and small dinosaurs.

Major Landmarks[edit]

  • North Ruins
  • South Ruins
  • Lizardfolk Villages

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Note any adventure hooks in bulleted form.

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