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Greater Deity
Symbol: Grand Bahamut himself
Home Plane: Madri
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Balance of creation
Clergy Alignments: Neutral only
Domains: All excluding destroying, corruption, and dominating.
Favored Weapon: None

Blood of bahamut - 1.jpg

As he is the first son of Io, he is to be the largest dragon, with the exception of Io. Grand Bahamut is an ill-tempered being, showing no mercy to those he views as evil, however, he is a guardian, and does his job well, protecting those he values and views as innocent or oppressed peoples. When he began the great sleep, he let mankind build a strong civilization on his body, and by his power, he called 100,000 animals to himself, so that mankind could feed. Seeing his son's example, Io decides that letting people get close to the gods is a good act, so Io made a continent on his back and many civilizations flourished there. After the grand dragon awoke, he became involved in a great war consisting of many beings, involving gods, creatures and entire civilizations; but by his action, people who lived on Bahamut began learning that they were capable of domination, and so they started waging war against one another. In a fit of divine rage and intervention, the god threw all mankind from his body with a powerful gust of wind, never letting anyone touch his body again. While his wise father, Io, made a great flying continent, allowing a strong civilization to thrive.


Bahamut only demands justice and instilling freedom in other beings.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Being a respected god, Bahamut has many temples in the realm of Madri.

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