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Half beast, half men. Gors are one of the true children of Chaos.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'8"-6'8"
Average Weight: 120-222 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Strength or Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Endurance, +2 Nature
Bestial: You get a +3 bonus on Handle Animal checks based upon natural or magical beasts.
Beast senses: Gors are constantly living in the wild and so have high senses. Gors have strong noses and can detect any creature that gives off scent normally within 20 feet as a standard action. Powerful scents are detected automatically. If the target stands in upwind, the range increases to 40 feet. You gain a racial +5 bonus to Tracking; you suffer no penalty for Tracking over surfaces such as stone. Strong scents can mask the desired scent. You cannot Track via Scent through water. Also you receive a +3 bonus on Perception checks because gors have very good sight.
Skirmisher: Gors prevere more swiftness in exchange for armor, as so, Gor can't wear plate, scale and chainmail armor. The only exception to this is for the Fighter class.
Bestial Fury: You know the Bestial Fury encounter power

Bestial Fury Gors Racial Power
The Rage and Anger surges through my body. Waiting before I unleash it.
Encounter Star.gif Melee
Immediate Reaction '
Trigger: When you could make an opportunity attack.
Effect: You do an extra 1d6 damage to creature.

Gors are one of the higher members of the Beastmen. Their appearance varies but all combine bestial features with those of a man. The base form of Beastmen, and that possessed by the vast majority of the Gors, is the head and legs of a goat and the upper torso of a man, abeit a particularly hairy and malodorous one. They have the savage fangs of a wolf with which to tear great chunks of flesh from their foes, and muscular and robust (if flea ridden) bodies well suited to acting out their primal urges.

Play an Gor if you want...

  • To play an evil, savage character that is fond of nature, and hates the civilization.
  • To embrace an character that uses supernatural senses to track their foes.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Fighter, Invoker, Battlemind, Runepriest, Barbarian, Warden, Druid, and Shaman Classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

As descriped earlier, Gors have the legs and head of a Goat, torso of a man and teeth of a wolf. As creatures of Chaos, however, the Beastmen displays great variations in their twisted anatomies. Some have the head of cattle or snapping hounds rather than goats, while others possess antlers, serrated blades or even stranger mutations sprouting from their heads. It is not unknown to Beastmen to have the head of a sheep, horse or insect, extra limbs, eye stalks, lashing tails or any other alteration of the humanoid form. One thing all true Beastman have in common is their horns, without which they cannot be considered real Gors. A Beastman who possesses a fine set of horns is said to be a 'True-horn', or 'True-gor,' and it is these who are the strongest and most intelligent of all Gors. In beastman society, horns are the ultimate mark of rank and power, and their leaders are always those with the largest and most spectacular sets. Before going into battle, the Beastman will often sharpen their horns, or daub them with crude dye or hot blood to make them even more fearsome.

Playing an Gor[edit]

To face and play with a horde of Gors is to face anarchy and mayhem. Rowdy and undisciplined, they bray, bark and bawl an unceasing cacophony that fills the hearts of Men with dread. Nonetheless, Gors are capable of taking to the battlefield in more or less ordered formations, a fact that many an enemy general has failed to understand until it is to late. Roving groups of Gors band into tight units that march beneath banners made from the flayed hides of their foes, while others bear the captured of defeated enemies, tattered and smeared with blood and dung. The Gors'raucous, bloodthirsty braying is accompanied by the atonal drones of crude pipes and horns in delibrate mockery of the bright clarion calls of the Empire's proud regimental musicians.

And yet for all their appearance of disorder, Gors are not completely without subtlety of tactics. In the same way as a hunting pack of wolves, the herd instinctively tries to encircle the foe. Bands of Gors flank wide, stalking through the undergrowth, animal senses keenly aware of the smell and racket of the enemy regiments. The Gors are not especially stealthy, but can stay well hidden enough within the trees. Few foes can maintain their nerve in the face of a deafening, intimidating horde of Gors, let alone when more of them burst from the trees having completely circumvented war machine emplacements, outflanked the disciplined battleline, and cut off any chance of escape for routing soldiers.

Maybe you have the question: why is below only standing names (not male names and female names)? That's because Beastman may have the strongest ties to male. They cannot make love with others of their kind. They have do it with beasts of humans.

Gor Characteristics: furious, primal, sneaky, impulsive, instinctive, clever, proud, strong

Names: Gorthor, Goron, Malgor, Malghur, doomclaw, Rotting tongue, Kazhrak, four-horn, Razor tooth, Rarkos, Khorgor, Gorth, Sabretooth, Eyebite

Gor Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Gor adventurers are described below.

Gorgosh is an Gor Fighter who is the only one left from the Gouce-horn clan. The clan's Bray-shaman wanted to call upon the voices off the Chaos gods, gaining immense knowledge that could be useful. But he made an terrible mistake and he casted a whole quarter of the clan, included himself, in the Chaos realm. And instead of the beastman now stood terrible demons. The Beastman fighted for hours until all of the Beastmen were slayed. Gorgosh made his escape and now his it's goals to find the rest of the beastman, and to slay every demon he crosses.

Gorth is a Gor Shaman, he was born when the unholy moon of Morslieb was high, so he was blessed by his fellow beastmen. From his birth he found Nature quite interesting. Esspecially when he could control it. Especially when he could Corrupt it. He thirsts for knowledge and corruption. It's goals are now, find knowledge and Corrupt the Nature.

Eyebite is an Gor Invoker, he worships the Chaos god Tzeentch, god of Change and sorcery. Eyebite first did all kinds of quests for Tzeentch, making him pleased. However, Eyebite doesn't like Tzeentch anymore and went worshipping Nurgle, Chaos God of pestilence. Tzeentch, furocious by this betrayal, send all kinds of demonic followers to hunt down Eyebite, making him pay.

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