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This page lists the Deities both major and minor of Ta'Ril. As well as their personality, history, and last known status.

Deities Prime[edit]

The Deities Prime are the first gods to come across Ta'Ril. They allied with the Primordials during the formation of Ta'Ril, but battle fighting broke out between them before it was complete. Most of the Deities Prime are either dead, or have been fractured into multiple, lesser deities. None are known of who are yet living and involved in Ta'Ril.

Aulir, God of Spirit[edit]

Aulir, God of Spirit was the first to discover the swirling globe of Chaos that had the potential to become Ta'Ril. It was he who brokered the treaty with the primordials who lived there, and it was he who sacrificed himself to allow his fellow deities to escape in what he believed was their final battle. He is the only Deity Prime believed to have died, though this had not been proved.

Elenar, Goddess of Energy[edit]

Elenar, Goddess of Energy, consort of Aulir. Helped Aulir convince Vec'cir and Iilir to aid in the creation of Ta'Ril, which could not have proceeded without their involvement. After Aulir's death her grief quite literally tore her apart. The fragments of her personality that remained vanished for some time. Eventually, the following of her fragments rejoined the world in an effort to halt the Primordials.

  • Riitu, Goddess of Hope
  • Sera, Goddess of Positive Energy
  • Delilah, Goddess of Wrath
  • Hina, Goddess of Negative Energy

Vec'cir, God of Control[edit]

Vec'cir, God of Control is one of the darker deities, bent on controlling all he sets his eye on. His involvement in the original treaty with the Primordials was necessary to balance out the overall influence the deities had. When Elenar approached him speaking of peace he scorned her, but eventually agreed when he saw the future potential gain. None now know for certain, but it is believed that he was at least party responsible for the original betrayal of the deities by the primordials. Eventually, a small group of primordials challenged him, but he was able to turn them against one another by promising to train one as a deity. Thus was the final derivative deity created.

  • Shir, God of Order

Iilir, Goddess of Freedom[edit]

Iilir, Goddess of Freedom was being held captive by Vec'cir when he was approached by Elenar. While Vec'cir was distracted, Aulir released Iilir from her bonds. In her gratitude she offered him her assistance with Ta'Ril. However, during the ceremonies The primordials tricked her into sacrificing her spirit. She realized, at the last moment, what was happening and managed to splinter off a few fragments of her personality rather than completely ceasing to be. Thus were the following Derivative deities created.

  • Cheryl, Goddess of Chaos
  • Faerocii, Goddess of the wild
  • Lin, The fey Goddess

Derivative Deities[edit]

Riitu, Goddess of Hope[edit]

Riitu, Goddess of Hope is one of the four remaining facets of Elenar's psyche.

Sera, Goddess of Positive Energy[edit]

Sera, Goddess of Positive Energy is one of the four remaining facets of Elenar's psyche.

Delilah, Goddess of Wrath[edit]

Delilah, Goddess of Wrath is one of the four remaining facets of Elenar's psyche.

Hina, Goddess of Negative Energy[edit]

Hina, Goddess of Negative Energy is one of the four remaining facets of Elenar's psyche.

Cheryl, Goddess of Chaos[edit]

Cheryl, Goddess of Chaos is one of the three remaining facets of Elenar's psyche.

Farocii, Goddess of the Wild[edit]

Farocii, Goddess of the Wild is one of the three remaining facets of Elenar's psyche.

Lin, The Fey Goddess[edit]

Lin, The Fey Goddess is one of the three remaining facets of Elenar's psyche.

Shir, God of Order[edit]

Shir, God of Order is the corrupted primordial apprentice of Vec'cir.

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