Glove of Infinity (3.5e Equipment)

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Glove of Infinity
Price:  ???? gp (Help me with this on the discussion page)
Body Slot: Hand
Caster Level: 4th
Aura: Weak Conjuration
Weight: N/A

When this glove is created, it is magically combined with a single non-magical arrow. After that, whenever the wearer of the glove pulls back an empty bow, an exact copy of the combined arrow is created from nothing. This arrow acts just as the original arrow would (including being solid), but it disappears after 6 seconds (1 round) after being released. There is no limit to the number of arrows this glove can create; for this reason, this glove is labeled the "Glove of Infinity", because it creates infinite ammunition for a bow.

SPECIAL: If the user has the Manyshot feat, he can create more than one arrow at once. Each arrow is an exact replica of the original arrow.

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