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Glass is used to make weapons. The Glass can be either emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red in color and weighs 75% as much as steel. The Glass is made and magically treated so that it is nearly as strong as steel, even sharper. Although the process of creating glass weapons was invented by the Avariel (winged Elves), the use of glass has spread to a few Human nations, such as the Faerunian island of Lantan, where a larger variety of glass weapons and armor are made.

Weapons: Weapons made from Glass are magically sharpened so that it has a +1 Damage bonus (does not stack with anything that Masterwork wouldn't). Glass weapons can be made of masterwork quality but only cost half as much (+150gp instead of +300) because the glass is already of high quality. When a glass weapon is broken, it shatters and sends small glass fragments and shards everywhere. There are these shards have a 50% chance of hitting and deal 1d4 damage. As well as acting like caltrops in the square it was broken.

Ammunition: Ammo made from Glass deal +1 damage and still cost half as much to make masterwork (+4 instead of +7 per Arrow or Bolt), but do not deal any damage when broken.

Armor: Armor made of Glass same AC Bonus and has armor check penalty lessened by 1, also it weighs 3/4 as much as normal. Also, Glass is highly reflective and can be used to reflect light. You can use a shield (or Armor) to reflect bright light (such as from a Daylight spell) into the eyes of someone; you make a ranged touch attack at a -2 (-4 if using Armor) penalty which requires a Fort Save DC 13, if they fail they are Dazzled (-1 on Attack penalties). Also, Glass armor (or shields) can be made of masterwork quality but only costing half as much (+75 instead of +150).

Glass has 5 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness of 8. (pre-balance numbers: 15 hp, 10 hardness...yes, glass is as hard as steel)

Type of Glass Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +7 gp
Light weapon +600 gp
One-handed weapon, or one head of a double weapon +800 gp
Two-handed weapon, or both heads of a double weapon +1000 gp
Light Armor +600 gp
Medium Armor +700 gp
Heavy Armor +800 gp
Shields +300 gp

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