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Glamour Guise [Pooka]

Wrapping yourself in a deceptive Glamour, you change your appearance to best fit in amongst strangers.
Prerequisite: Pooka
Benefit: You can swap one 1st-level or higher Enounter power you know for the Glamour Guise power. At will, you can hide behind an illusory humanoid appearance.

Glamour Guise Pooka Racial Power
Hiding behind a Glamorous illusion, your appearance becomes deceptively unremarkable.
At-Will Star.gif Illusion
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You alter your physical form to take on the appearance of any Medium humanoid. You retain your statistics in your new form, and your clothing, armor, and possessions do not change. The illusion lasts until you choose to unmask your true form.

Any creature that attempts to see through your ruse makes an insight check opposed by your Bluff check, and you gain a +5 bonus to your check.

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