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Gith Mystic[edit]

Prerequisites: You must be a gith.
Whether through meditation or study, you have unlocked previously-unknown reservoirs of internal power. Any spells gained from this feat use the same spellcasting ability as your Psionic Power racial trait. You gain the following benefits:

  • You can cast each of the spells you possess from your Psionic Power, Trained Mind, or Focused Mind racial traits one additional time per long rest.
  • If you are a githyanki of at least 9th level, you can cast the telekinesis spell once per long rest. If you are a githzerai of at least 9th level, you can cast the phantasmal killer spell once per long rest as a fifth level spell.
  • If you are a githyanki, you have attained the title of gish, and if you are a githzerai, you have attained the title of zerth. Any gith of your own subrace will respect this accomplishment, as will outsiders familiar enough with gith culture to understand the title's significance.

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