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This is all the tools,armors,gadgets,blasters,and so on in the GalaStar Setting.

Mundane Tools[edit]

Cost Name Description
1500 gp Sextant This item allows you to see far distances and make accurate measurements
250 gp Rechargable Sunrod As sunrod, recharges in sunlight.
50 gp Silk Rope (10m) This rope has silver tips and immpossible to rip.
1 gp Coarse Rope (10m) This rope is poorly done with strands sticking out all over it.
10 gp Iron Nails (10) These nails can support up to 200 lbs.
5 gp Clothing These assorted clothes, gloves and boots can be used for anything.
500 gp Magnifying Glass Improves Perception, Insight and Arcana checks by +2 when not threatened.
200 gp LeviRods Two foot rods that hover in mid-air at one foot intervals. Can support 300 lbs.

Mundane Armour[edit]

Cost Name AC Skill Speed
10 creidts JumpSuit/Clothes 0+ 0 0
25 credits Durble Suit 2+ 0 0
30 credits Security Armor 3+ 2- 1-
45 credits Tactical Suit 7+ 0 1-
50 credits Heavy Assault Armor 8+ 3- 2-

Armor Adessories[edit]

Cost Name Effect Slot
100 credits Lightened Reduced weight of 20 lbs. None
250 credits Cloak Generator When Activated you gain a 2+ boues to stealth and gives you full concealment,however unless you stay still, creatures with motion sense can see you. Chest
350 credits Energy Sheild gives a 7+ AC boues to Energy Attacks Chest
10 credits Helmet allows you to fight in the open space, and give 1+ AC Head
xxxx XX Add your own You can add your own items to this list. Have fun! Have Fun while doing it!


Cost Name Effect Rarity
2000 gp Blessed Longsword Deals 1d8 radiant damage in addition to 1d8 longsword damage. Uncommon
2000 gp Baned Longsword Deals 1d8 nerotic damage in addition to 1d8 longsword damage. Uncommon
1000 gp Arrow of Return This arrow flies back to you and replaces itself in your quiver, giving you twenty ammunition for each arrow. If the Arrow is blocked from returning it does not return. Common
7500 gp Deran's Blade The original of this greatsword has been lost through many copies, but they all give a +3 to Attack and an additional 1d10 physical damage on a critical including the critical's effects. Uncommon
xxxx XX Add your own Come on, add your own item! Extremely Common

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