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Size/Type: Medium Magical beast
Hit Dice: 7 (38 hp)
Initiative: 7
Speed: 40
Armor Class: 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15
Base Attack/Grapple: 7/9
Attack: jab+9 1d6+2
Full Attack: 2 jabs+9 1d6+2 and bite+3 1d6+2 plus health drain plus paralysis and sting+3 1d4+2 plus poison
Space/Reach: 5/5
Special Attacks: poison Dc16 fort 1 str and con \1d6 str con dex one minute later paralysis fort Dc16 or paralyzed 1d4 rounds
Health drain rend 2d6+3
spell like abilities 5x a day blur mirror image scare acid arrow sound burst 
3x a day bull strength invisibility 1x a day lightning bolt ]

sq=Blind sight 60ft resist cold acid 5 Dr5/+1 (+8 racial bonus on climb checks)
Special Qualities:
Saves: Fort 7, Ref 9, Will 2
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 15
Skills: hide+16 move silently+12 concentration+6 spellcraft+8 swim+12 climb+18(includes +8 racial bonus)
Feats: improved initiative dodge mobility
Environment: grasslands
Organization: 1 to 20 of them
Challenge Rating: 8
Treasure: standard
Alignment: neutral
Level Adjustment: by HD
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More information...

There is a rustling in the grass near by. Moments later a bizarre elongated insect like creature erupts from the tall grass

Gashnats are bizarre magical beasts who hide in tall grass and other similar vegetation there forms are elongated and covered in chitin. There head's are like that of a massive assassin bug.There front limbs are similar to a praying mantises but instead of backward facing spines on the out side the tips of there front limbs they have needle like tips that are jabbed downward to impale prey. There there front limbs are held in the same posture that a praying matis does. The front part of the body is held upright like a snake in combat so it can strike with the stabbing limbs the rest of the body resembles a cross between a scorpion and a centipede 6 limbs that look like a regular beetles legs propel the creature forward the creature possesses a scorpions tail over all the creature is about 8 feat long and 175 pounds


Gashnats prefer to start combat with half there number in melee and half in the back using there spell like abilitys . When alone a Gashnat attempts to poison a victim then pelt it with spells or stun it with sound burst then close.What people call its bite is actually the creatures rostrum impaling and draining a creature.

--[spell like abilitys 5x a day blur mirror image scare acid arrow sound burst 3x a day bull strength invisibility 1x a day lightning bolt ]

health drain (su) when ever a Gashnat deals bite damage it heals the same amount as dealt.

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