Garrakg, Orcish Chef God

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Greater Deity
Symbol: A Fork crossed with a Meat Cleaver
Home Plane: Limbo
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Food, Culinary Arts, Meat, Spices, Cannibalism, Feasting
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Good
Domains: Chaos, Madness, Hunger(as seen in Libris Mortis)
Favored Weapon: Meat Cleaver

Garrakg, also called Garrakg Battle-Cook, is a psychotic orcish god of chefs. His followers almost completely consist of orc cooks. He is often depicted wearing a bloodstained apron and a chef's toque, brandishing two gleaming meat cleavers. Garrakg's goal and purpose is the pursuit of culinary perfection. He is known to show favor upon those who cook fantastic meals, and he is known to have hatred towards those who waste or discard food. Waste of something edible is an Abombination unto Garrakg. While other orcish gods wage war in the cosmos, Garrakg merely follows behind to cook the remainder of the warfare. He maintains a 'kitchen', of sorts, on the plane of Limbo.


Garrakg sets forth his will in a list of simple commandments, the most important being the first:
I. Thou Shalt Waste Not Good Food
II. Thou Shalt Feast in Times of Celebration and Holiday
III. Thou Shalt Never Scorn a Free Lunch
IV. Thou Shalt Discard Not Something Edible
V. Thou Shalt Honor Thy Dead By Deep-Frier
VI. Thou Shalt Feast to Worship Garrakg
VII. Thou Shalt Cook Delicacies in Honor of Garrakg
VIII. Thou Shalt Offer Foods to Honor Guests to Thy Household
IX. Thou Shalt Perform the Obligatory Prayer to Garrakg Once Per Day
X. Thou Shalt Make a Pilgrimage at least Once in Thy Life, to Enjoy the Feasts of the World

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Garrakg is considered a minor orcish god, and is not typically known to have entire temples devoted to him. Often enough, one can find small shrines to him within orcish kitchens. Very few are devoted enough in the culinary arts to become clergy of Garrakg, but those that do typically uniform themselves in aprons and chef toques, to better reflect their Culinary Lord.

Herald and Allies[edit]

The Herald of Garrakg is the spirit of an orcish warlord-chef, who is tasked with bringing Garrakg more ingredients from across the planes. The planar allies of Garrakg are usually slaadi or demons, who serve to help the god with his cooking.

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