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When one speaks of a dragon, they can be talking of any of the powerful creatures. But when one speaks of The Dragon, they speak of Zyanya.

Though few now can claim any sort of personal relationship with the great dragon, his name is perhaps the most widely known of all beings of the Realm. It was Zyanya who formed the city of Shieldmeet, which, under the dragon's authority and might, allowed a place of diplomacy and peace between the warring nations. Zyanya vanished a few years back, leaving no signs of where he may have gone. One morning, he simply wasn't there.

Zyanya had scales of an obsidian-gray. He often took human or elven form. To date, no one is certain what sort of dragon he was, and some claim he was not in fact, a dragon, but some other type of being, perhaps the living embodiment of a deity. Several cults have arisen in worship of the mighty dragon, though Zyanya tended to treat them with an amused benevolence only.

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