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PL Global Defence Initiative Combat Armour, Mark I Tactical Armor (Medium)

Equipment Bonus +5 Nonprof. Bonus +2
Maximum Dex Bonus +2 Speed (30 ft.) 30 ft.
Armor Penalty -4 Arcane Spell Failure 30%
Purchase DC 15 Restriction None
Weight 15 lbs.


The GDI Combat Armour, Mark I is a perfect example of utilitarianism at it's finest. Rugged, tough and dependable, the GDI Combat Armour is standard issue for all GDI front-line soldiers except those in Engineering (who instead receive the GA-4 body armour). The Mark I is able to absorb bullets from the Raptor assault rifle and the Pierce sniper rifle, but anything heavier, unfortunately, goes straight through. This weakness of the armour is also apparent when fighting Nod elite infantry. The multi-barrelled miniguns carried by Nod and GDI officers result in heavy casualties for GDI riflemen if engaged without correct support, such as light armoured vehicles and the odd tank. GDI's grunts may be well protected by comparison on the battlefield, but they are by no means invulnerable; far from it, actually.

GDI Riflemen are sometimes referred to in military parlance as Minigunners. This is incorrect; GDI and Nod officers are the only infantry to carry miniguns, as GDI and Nod riflemen carry the Raptor assault rifle if they can, or AK-47/M16 rifles if none are available. The Raptor is still undergoing field-testing, so it is fairly rare amongst GDI forces, and so the GDI Combat Armour is very rarely put to the real test.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

There are no special rules for the GDI Combat Armour. It comes as-is, no questions asked. It can be enhanced if necessary.

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