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Frog Domain[edit]

Made by the deity of amphibians, this domain is for non-frog people to get closer to the hopping little creatures.

Granted Powers[edit]

As long as the weather is rainy, or if the body is soaked in water, AC gains 1 point of Armor/Shield bonus per 3 levels. The clerics of frog can also communicate with frogs and toads as if they had the Speak with Animals spell in effect.

Frog Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Webbed Feet: Webbed feet allows easy maneuver in water.
  2. Frog's Leap: Jump farther, with no running start.
  3. Medical Pond: Gain resistance to diseases and poisons.
  4. Croak: Creates frogs that deals sonic damage.
  5. Tongue Rope: The tongue stretches out to grab objects.
  6. Call Rain: Change the weather to a rainy one.
  7. Slimy Skin: Secretions from the skin protects from damage.
  8. Morph into Toad: People turn into toads.
  9. Temporal Stasis

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