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Price: 5,301
Body Slot: — (Held)
Caster Level: 1st
Aura: Weak transmutation; (DC 11)
Activation: Use Activated (Move)
Weight: 1 lb.

The Formsword is a Masterwork Dagger with the power to change shape upon command. Whenever it is drawn, the weight and balance changes according to the character's whims, increasing the enhancement bonus to attack by +1. As a move action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, the wielder can change the Formsword into a dagger, shortsword, longsword, bastard sword or greatsword.

Prerequisites: CL 1st; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; weapon shift Market price 5,301 gp; 2,650.5 gp + 212 XP.

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