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Force Mage[edit]

Sorcerous Origin

Whether by some quirk of fate, or a charge of destiny, you have been granted the ability to manipulate the energies of motion and force.

Force Fists

At first level, the Force Mage is able to surround their fists in concentrated potential energy and strike with it, once for each fist. When an attack is successful with a force fist, the energy explodes and deals 1d6 + Charisma modifier damage in addition to the standard bludgeoning damage from unarmed attacks. The unarmed attack roll is not changed and follows normal rules for attacking. A Force Mage can use this ability equal to 1 + Charisma modifier times per long rest. At 6th level, A Force Mage's skill with unarmed is increased from their experience in combat and their unarmed attack damage increases to 1d4. Additionally, the energy surrounding the fist gains one of two options when cast. These affects must be the same for both fists.

A successful attack will now explode with enough concussion to temporarily deafen the target creature if it fails a Constitution save against your Spell Save DC.

A successful attack will now explode with enough kinetic energy to knock the target creature back 5 ft if it fails a Strength save against your Spell Save DC.

Force Blast

At 6th level, a Force Mage can now expel kinetic energy in a wave of rolling force affecting a cone in front of them. The area of affect is equal to Proficiency Modifier x 5ft. The Force Blast causes (Half Sorcerer level rounded down)d8 force damage to all enemies in its area of affect and knocks them prone. Enemies in the affected area can attempt a Strength or Dexterity save against your Spell Save DC to reduce the damage by half and remain standing. Enemies who are reduced to 0 HP can make a Constitution save against your Spell Save DC to instead be reduced to 1 HP. This ability can be used a number of times equal to 1 + Charisma modifier per long rest.

Force Aura

At 14th level, the Force Mage learns how to maintain a projected field of low level kinetic energy around themselves. Spend an action to activate the Force Aura as a concentration affect. It extends outward in all directions centered on you for 10 ft. This can be done once per long rest and can last up to 5 minutes.

The Force Aura causes the following affects when active.

Impose half movement speed for all creatures within 10 ft, friendly creatures can be excluded if desired. If a creature enters the aura with less than half its movement, it is 
instantly halted unless it succeeds a Strength save against your Spell Save DC.

For every 5 ft movement by hostile creatures within the aura, a Force Mage can draw on the Stolen Kinetic Energy to fuel their magic and gain it as a class resource, 1 unit for
every time the above condition occurs. If a hostile creature is halted at the edge of your Force Aura, every 5 ft of movement it lost is gained as a point of Stolen Kinetic 

Once per long rest the Force Mage can use their inherent understanding of the flow of kinetic energy to reduce the damage of one hostile creature's physical attack they are hit 
with as long as it is of the slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning or magical force type. As a reaction, you can reduce the attack by (half Sorcerer Level rounded down)d6 and reflect that amount 
back at the attacker as long as your Force Aura was active while receiving the attack. Using this reaction expends your Force Aura regardless of time remaining and a successful 
concentration check. Hostile creatures with multiple weapons of differing attack types that can attack with both weapons in the same action are affected the same as long as
those attacks are physical in nature. Any damage dealt by a hostile creatures that is not physical (slashing, piercing, bludgeoning, magical force) will deal normal damage and
is unaffected by the Force Aura.
Uses of Stolen Kinetic Energy
 1 point-Increase Speed by 5 ft for 1 round
 2 points-Increase AC by 2 for 1 round
 3 points-Release a concentrated Force attack dealing 1d10 + Charisma modifier damage with a range of 30 ft
 4 points-Increase Speed by 5 ft for 4 rounds OR Increase AC by 2 for 2 rounds OR Release a 1d12 + Charisma modifier damage Force attack, range 40 ft
 5 points-Restore one Sorcery point
Gravity Well

At 18th level, the Force Mage can now tap into the immense force of gravity and manipulate it. Once per long rest, with Force Aura active, cause your Force Aura to expand to 20 ft and slam down with overwhelming force on all chosen creatures within it. Deal 20d6 Force damage to all affected creatures and knock them prone. Creatures within 10 ft of you can only perform a Strength save, but creatures further than 10 ft can choose between Strength and Dexterity save. Both types of saves are against your Spell Save DC and reduce the damage to half and prevent prone status. With a successful Concentration check of DC 16, the Force Mage can continue this attack next round for another 20d6 Magical Force Damage with the same save parameters as the previous attack.

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