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See also Power of the Cats (DnD Quest).


These major artifacts were used by King Tumaltumut of the Cathnakari and hold a small portion of his soul.


These soft leather boots are embroidered to a level beyond belief. They have some stitches that can only be seen with a magnifying lens.


Normally: Wearing the boots grants a +8 bonus on move silently.
Under Moderate Influence: Wearing the boots grants a +12 bonus on move silently.
Under Severe Influence: Wearing the boots makes the user automatically pass all move silently checks.


The first time this item is worn the wearer must make a will save, DC 5+number of the items worn, or become obsessed with finding and owning all of King Tumaltumut's war-gear (see below). If more than six of the items have already been worn then the save is 10+2xnumber of items (moderate influence). If more than 10 are worn then the save is 20+2xnumber of items and the ability supplants the wearers personality with Tumaltumut and they also become obsessed with returning him to a real body(severe influence).

King Tumaltumut's War-gear:
Helm of the Jackal The Gauntlets of the Ever Claw Eyes of the Tiger The Amulet of the Panther Leopard Tunic Royal Cathnakari Breastplate Lion Belt Cape of Shadows The Bracers of Claw Claws of the King The Eyes of the Cat The Footpads

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