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Flarup's Backup: Sick of having to surrender his weapons to the militia on the way into cities and taverns, the gentleman burglar Flarup resolved to do something about it. He spoke with a powerful wizard ally of his and commissioned a small, easily concealable weapon that would still pack a significant punch. Being a rogue and not an assassin, he wanted a weapon to stun enemies, not kill them, and so he handed over his lucky sap for the crafting.

A week after he got the sap back from being augmented, Flarup knocked out the thickest-skulled of the local ogres with a couple of extra-swift blows from behind. Those who had scoffed were suddenly impressed, especially since repeated searches by the authorities failed to find the weapon. Word spread of his weapon’s effectiveness, and his close friends commissioned several copies of the weapon.

Flarup’s Backup is a +3 sap of speed with uniquely crafted special abilities. On a successful critical hit, it deals +2d8 points of bonus subdual damage. (Unlike many weapons that inflict bonus damage on a successful critical hit, this bonus damage is subdual damage, not normal damage.) It appears to be a simple 3-inch-long stick when not being wielded as a weapon, making it very easy to conceal. It transforms into its true shape when held by a person with the intent to wield it as a weapon, and returns to its normal form when it is dropped or the violence passes.

These days, rogues are not the only ones who carry a Flarup’s Backup. Healers on mercy missions to lessthan- reputable parts of town or even noble courtiers of either gender traveling to and from the royal court find them useful. The idea of carrying a small but powerful weapon just in case of emergencies is universally popular.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, haste; Market Price: 72,301 gp; Cost to Create: 36,301 gp + 2,880 XP.

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