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Flaked Stone[edit]

Flaked stone is a common material among primitive peoples. When properly manipulated, stone such as onyx and flint produce sharp edges useful in tools and weapons. Primitive people usually fire-harden these weapon points. Stone tools and weapons are less specialized than their modern counterparts. Flaked stone weapons do one die less damage and x2 critical. Weapons must do slashing or piercing to be made of flaked stone. Stone weapons are limited to small blades, such as daggers and knives; piercing weapons, such as arrows and spears; and slashing weapons, such as hand axes.

Flaked stone weapons may be created with the Craft (primitive weapon) skill. Stone blades have a hardness of 8 and 5 hitpoints. Stone tipped weapons are treated as hafted or projectile weapons.

Stone weapons need constant maintenance. When a stone weapon is used in combat, the stone weapon takes damage equal to the strength bonus of the attacker on a successful hit.

Flaked stone weapons usually have little value.

Flaked stone weapons may be created as masterwork items, though this is rarely done.

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