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Fire Arrows [General, Fighter][edit]

-2 on attack and damage rolls of ranged weapon for ability to light target on fire.
Prerequisite: , Point Blank Shot
Benefit: Using this feat, a character may light any piercing weapon so that it has the capability of lighting the target on fire. This requires several steps. First, the character must wrap the sharp end of the ranged weapon with a piece of fabric that has been soaked in a type of fire starter, such as lamp oil. The weapon used can only be a piercing weapon (exeptions may be made at the DMs descision). Fabric that has not been soaked in a fire starter, but it isn't as affective. Second, before firing using the ranged weapon in an attack, the character must first light the cloth on fire. This can be done by using a flint and steel or tindertwig, taking the same amount of time as lighting a regular torch or twice as long if the cloth had not been soaked in a fire starter, or by using an already lit freestanding fire, such as a camp fire or a brazier, which takes a move action if the cloth is soaked in a fire starter or a standard action if it is not. Finally, the weapon may be used with a -2 penalty to attack and damage rolls with the addition effect of having the chance of lighting the target on fire, if a hit (see lighting things on fire in the Player's Handbook). In addition, if the cloth hadn't been soaked in a fire starter, there is a 50% chance that the fire will go out before it hits the target, because of the air flow against it. If this occurs, the weapon still has a -2 to attack and damage rolls, but without the chance to light the target on fire.

(Note: the DM should feel free to modify this to better fit his rules and campaign. For example, the DM could choose this to be a regular rule and by taking this feat, have the character ignore the -2 to attack and damage. Also, the DM could decide that the arrow also does fire damage.)
Normal: Normally, a character cannot light a target on fire with a ranged weapon.
Special: This feat is a fighter bonus feat.

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