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Finwe’s Portable Mansion

This wooden cube is no larger then a normal die but when the command word is spoken it folds out until it becomes a 4’ by 8’ wooden door that hovers about 4“ above the ground. The command word can be as simple or exotic as you wish though you cannot change them after creation. This door is invisible and inaccessible to all except those you choose and can be opened from either side. With another command word the door folds back into the cube. These happen in only one round. Once opened the door leads to the entryway to a mansion. This door is in fact the portal to the spell Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion. The floor plan, food store, and the near-transparent servants are decided upon creation including the unique ability of combining servants so as to make stronger/faster ones at a +2 str and 5' speed per servant combined to max of 10 combined (such servants usually show intelligence and personality), dependent upon the CL at time of creation, and up to the DM’s choice if found. The extra dimensional dwelling has been anchored so that it keeps its own dimension. Since the door is merely the portal, if the door is ever blocked, broken or Deactivated from one side then objects that are on the other side remain stuck there until the door is either reactivated, unblocked or repaired. If anyone is inside when the door is closed and/or inaccessible, they will not suffocate but will run out of food or water unless the door becomes accessible again. You cannot deactivate the portal door form the inside and no others can go inside unless the current owner is already inside. If for what ever reason that the current owner and Finwe’s Portable Mansion is ever separated for more then 5 minuets and it is not activated in that time then it returns to the owner though the how and where is up to the DM. The only way to get rid of Finwe’s Portable mansion is to willingly give up ownership whether or not to another person or not.

Strong Conjuration; CL 14 Craft Wondrous Items, Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion, Dimensional Anchor; Price 65,000 gp

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