Fell Grafts: Demons & Devils

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Fell Grafts: Demons & Devils
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: EN Publishing
Release Date: February 23, 2016
Format: PDF
Page Count: 5
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Product Blurb:
Have you ever wanted an abyssal hide, balor wings, a devil's arm, a wretch's belch, an imp's eye, infernal horns, or vrock feathers? Of course you have! Or at least, your 5E character has. Right? Designer Mike Myler brings you rules for infernal bodily alterations for those willing to make a deal with a devil! Illustrated by Cat Lu.
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Experimenting and Grafting

Simply acquiring an experiment feat immediately grants its benefits—unless the GM decrees otherwise, the actual acquisition of any following feats are narratively driven and do not require the PC to physically find and integrate a foreign body part.
However, should the GM so decree, the PC must have the part of another creature’s body that they want to make their own in order to graft it. Though this can be challenging for rare targets, a character with an experiment feat is able to express their own will on a conjured creature in order to gain the desired limb. When the summoned creature dies, the character makes a Constitution saving throw opposed by a Constitution ability check by the summoner; on a success, the rest of the conjured creature disappears but the desired body part remains for 1d4 + 5 minutes.
So long as a body part comes from a creature permanently on the Material Plane (or as described above) and is fresh (or properly preserved with a bag of holding, gentle repose spell, or other appropriate measures), a character can graft it onto themselves. Grafting the foreign body part on requires the corresponding part from the grafting character’s body be removed (dealing 1d10 points of damage to themselves) and a Wisdom (Medicine) check in a gruesome process that takes 5 minutes to perform. The DC of this check is equal to the grafting creature’s Hit Dice. Other characters may assist with the Wisdom (Medicine) check as normal, but attempts to perform it themselves increase the DC to 8 + the grafting creature’s Hit Dice.

Class Archetypes

Fell Experiment Feats

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