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Fear Strength (D20 Modern Feat)

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Fear Strength [Power]

The character gains power from those that are fearful.
Prerequisite: Cha 15+, Power Skill (strength or emotion) 12 ranks, Evolved
Benefit: Any time a character in line of sight is under the influence of a fear effect or intimidated by the use of the intimidate skill you gain a bonus to strength. The bonus is dependent on the type of fear effect or intimidation that others are under the influence of.
Targets Influence Effect
Intimidate Skill +2 Strength
Shaken +4 Strength
Frightened +6 Strength
Panicked +8 Strength

The bonuses from this power stack with each other, so if there are multiple people in line of sight that are under the effects of fear you gain additional bonuses to strength.

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