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A far strider is a template that can be added to any elf, 1/2 elf or human. They are rare wanderers who travel the multiverse with ease.

Far striders are rare in the extreme. Who knows why the gods bless (or curse, as some might say) someone as a far strider. Ancestry seems to have no affect on who becomes a far walker. Far walkers always seem to be wanderers who travel almost constantly. Most seem almost driven to experience new locations. Due to their constant travels they tend to be as knowledgeable as most sages and to have a much broader base of information.

Creating a Far Strider[edit]

A far strider is an inherited Template.

Size and Type[edit]

A far strider is a medium character. Change its type to outsider, native (it is considered native to whatever plane it is on).

Hit Dice[edit]



Move 50, Fly 100(perfect), Swim 30

Armor Class[edit]



by class

Full Attack[edit]

by class

Special Attacks[edit]

retains all abilities of base creature and class.

Special Qualities[edit]

Reserved (ex): You gains 3 bonus reserve feats (CM). [You always act as though having appropriate spell of character level available for reserve feats (example: 5th level sorcerer acts as having all necessary spell types as 5th level spells)].

Temporally adapt (ex): can take 1+ level/3 (round up) free (swift/immediate) actions per round

Telepathy (su): as per Monster Manual

Spell-like abilities (sp): Teleport- greater at will (self and *familiar only), Plane Shift-greater at will (self and *familiar only), Telekinesis at will, Tongues continuously active (self only), Freedom of Movement continuously active (self only), Dimension door as swift action 1/round [can act immediately afterwards](self and *familiar only), Greater blink 5/day (self only), Rary’s Telepathic Bond (up to hit dice creatures) 3/day, True sight 3/day, Haste 3/day, Fly-mass 3/day, Disruptive displacement 3/day, Heal 3/day, Mindblank 3/day (self only), Gate 3/day, Teleport Circle 3/day

Disruptive Displacement: This power violently teleports any one creature in medium range who fails a will save (15 + ½ character hit dice + charisma modifier) to another unoccupied location within medium range. The target location cannot be in a solid object, must be within line of sight of the caster but need not be on solid ground (can be on liquid or in the air). The target arrives at his new location prone. He takes 1d6 of damage per caster level and is dazed for one round.

Temporal jaunt (su): You can travel back in time. Cannot interact or be perceived by any sentient creatures. Non sentient creatures and sentient magic items can be interacted with if so desired but they can only perceive you if you fully manifest in their timeline as opposed to just observing. If you fully manifest you can interact with your environment but you cannot change recorded history (example: you could hide King Arthur’s magic helm if it was left unobserved but you could not hide Excalibur). You can use this ability 3 times per week.

Regeneration (ex): 3/force take normal damage from force affects.

Spatial reach (su): You can reach & see into any place you could travel to.

Perceptive: You see into adjacent planes as a continuous affect (su). You gain the ability to see invisible(ex), dark vision (including in magical darkness) 120’ (ex), scent (ex)

Planar Adaptability (ex): You automatically adapt to any and all environments.

Immunities (ex): Fatigue, Exhaustion, Sickness, Poison, Disease, Disintegrate, Null/anti magic, Wild magic zones, Sleep, Petrifaction, Polymorph, Dimensional anchor/lock, Daze, Stun, fear, mind affecting effects

You do not need to eat, sleep, drink, or breathe (ex)

Vulnerabilities (ex): You take X2 from any form of elemental damage (Non-environmental) after applying any resistance you posses such as from spells or items.

Energy Substitute (ex): If you cast spells you can substitute any of the following descriptors for any of the other descriptors: fire, cold, acid, electricity, sonic, law, chaos, good, evil, force, positive energy, negative energy. Positive, negative, and aligned energies have the following effects when applied to elemental spells.

 Positive energy: Double damage to evil outsiders & undead, Heal good outsiders
 Negative energy: Double damage to good outsiders, Heal evil outsiders & undead
 Aligned: Double damage to apposed alignment, ½ damage to same alignment

Non Aging (ex): Once you achieve full maturity you stop aging. You never take aging penalties to your abilities but you still accrue bonuses. After adulthood ad defined on PH 109 you accrue bonuses every 40 years for human, 60 years for ½ elf, and 80 years for elf.

SR (ex): 15 + Character Level

  • Familiar refers to any bonded creature such as an animal companion, a familiar, a special mount, etc. If you posses more than 1 of these, such as a familiar and a special mount you can choose to bring all or some of them with you.


Str +2, Dex +4, Con +2, Int +6, Wis +4, Cha +8


All skills are considered in-class. Your skill points are doubled. Racial bonuses of swim +8, Knowledge skills +5


Improved Initiative, Track, any 3 of your choice





Challenge Rating[edit]

Base creature +4






By character class

Favored Class: Sorcerer

Level Adjustment[edit]

EL +8

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