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Physical Description[edit]

Fairykind look like normal humanoids, they have no indistinguishable features that give away the fact that they are fairykind. They will look like whatever their parents look like, for example the fairykind son of two drow, will then look like a drow.


The first fairykind were created millenia ago. They are a rare species, the first fairykind came into being when fairies and other sylvian creatures infused their magic with other races. This was only done in very desperate times, but the fairykind that were created passed the magic on through their genes, which gave their children the magic that they once had.


Fairykind society is truly just the society of their host civilization. They do however have a very close connection when near eachother, the few fairyfolk there are, will normally be friends. They feel closer because of their inherent magic.

Fairykind Names[edit]

Fairykind names are entirely dependent on the civilization that they used to be a part of.

Male: Endur, Grundavek, Fariel, Arlah

Female: Arielel, Galadriel, Sarah

Fairykind Traits[edit]

Fairykind are humanoids with fairy magic imbued within them.
Ability Score Increase. +1 to Charisma
Age. Fairykind live as long as whatever their host race is.
Alignment. Fairykind are generally good, but some do reject social norms.
Size. Your height is based on your host race.
Speed. Your movement and speed is based on your host race.
Superior Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 120 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Host Race. You pick a race to be your host race, as in the race that your parents are, and that you technically are. You can choose one trait from this race, but do not get any of the proficiences or ability score improvements.
See Past The Veil. The magical energy in your body gives Automatic success on saving throws against illusions.
Fairy Might. Your magical aura gives you an aura of authority, you gain proficiency in Performance and Intimidation checks. You can also command sprites, pixies, and satyrs to do your bidding, meaning you have advantage to all checks with these creatures, they also will not attack you lest it be in self defense.
Font of Mana. The fairy magic inside of you can be let out every now and then. Once per long rest you may give a magical item a charge. If this item does not use charges then this ability will do nothing, you can give two charges at level 5, this then increases to 3 at 10, and 4 charges at level 15.
Languages. Common, Sylvan, Elvish, and your host race language.

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