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Note: this is an enchantment placed upon a warforged's eyes. It cannot be used by a non-warforged.

Eyes of War is the name given to an enchantment used to improve the vision of high-ranking Warforged during the war. Although never common, it is simple enough for mages and artificers with enough skill to create more now in peaceful times. They can be transplanted from one Warforged to another with a successful DC 20 Craft (armorsmithing) check and six hours of time. Note that for 95% of this time both Warforged are considered blind.

The Eyes of War come in four flavors:

Lesser Eyes of War: Grants the Warforged low-light vision. This is also the most common version, consisting of over half of the known units ever made.

Eyes of War: Grants the Warforged low-light vision and 30' darkvision

Greater Eyes of War: Grants low-light vision (3x) and 60' darkvision

Superior Eyes of War: Low-light vision (4x) and 120' darkvision

Any version of the Eyes of War may be upgraded to the next version with a discount of half the market value of the current version subtracted from the effective market value to upgrade (EMVtU).

Cost: lesser: 3,500 GP; regular: 7k GP; greater: 14k gp; superior: 28k GP

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Low-Light Vision, Darkvision (all but lesser version)

All four forms are treated as a goggles slot item. Thus, a Warforged with this component cannot also benefit from magical goggles as well. Also, the darkvision granted by the Eyes stack with any class feature (such as that of the shadowcaster), but not with any other effect such as the "mind" aspect a dragonborn may take.

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