Expedition to Xorlath (3.5e Quest)

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Expedition to Xorlath[edit]

Intended for four level 5th-7th adventurers.

This adventure can be placed anywhere in your world where there is a lot of jungle, with an Underdark below. For example, in 3.5 Forgotten Realms, this adventure could easily be placed in the deep jungles of Chult.

  • Prep Time 1-2 hours... just reading this over, and deciding what you want to change.
  • Play Time Depends on your group, doesn't it?

Quest Introduction[edit]

Welcome to the ziggurat of Xorlath... an ancient ruin with many dark secrets... and who knows more about dark secrets than the drow?

This adventure is a dungeon crawl with an "Indiana Jones-esque" flavor. Uncover dark secrets. Fight drow and demons. Rescue a captured couatl. The possibilities are endless...











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