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Ethereal Spellbook
Price: 21,600 Gp
Body Slot: See Text
Caster Level: 3
Aura: Faint; (DC 18) abjuration
Activation: See Text

Ethereal Spellbook: This spellbook has a dark purple cover made from the skin of an Ethereal Marauder and covered with an assortment of unusual runes. The pages are made from paper created from the wood of an ash tree and treated with an ironwood spell making them as supple as silk yet strong as steel. The ink is distilled from the blood of a Displacer Beast. Written in an obscure dialect of draconic mixed with an ancient form of elven, this book is difficult for most mages to translate, +2 to DC's for learning spells contained within its pages.

The book allows its user to send it to the ethereal plane where it patiently follows the user around waiting to be summoned. Dismissing the book is as easy as saying 'Taril' while summoning it is done by picturing the book in your mind and calling out to it.

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