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Also known as the Indestructible Alloy, Eternium, which is an alloy of zirconium, palladium, and ruthenium which were retrieved from the Material plane by the Weaponsmith God Xemus, is a metal that can actually heal itself when damaged. This metal when subjected to any force forms a fibrous layer of altered crystalline structures that are stronger and more durable than the original structures in the metal. Due to this ability the metal also is impervious to corrosion from acid and rust along with other forms of energy like heat and electricity. Though this blade has a self healing property, it is slow to rebuild itself and has different levels of stress than can be ultimately applied.

The blade starts off with the hardness of a regular steel or iron blade. Though after being subjected to continuous use that isn't too extreme (ex. something that would normally destroy a steel or iron blade), the blade can increase its hardness to surpass even the most durable metal.

The metal was discovered by Dr. Waterstrat, a human loremaster in the land known as Raeth. It can be traveled to through interplanetary means through magic or interplanar travel. He is the only being known to be in possession of this special material and a quest must be undertaken in order to obtain it and another to have it made into an actual item or equipment.

Game Rule Information[edit]

Eternium cannot be bought, the Quest for Eternium must be completed to get the material, and Xemus's Plight must be completed to have any weapon or armor crafted with it.

Making a weapon out of Eternium gives the user a +1 bonus to attack or decrease to armor penalty because it is considered a masterwork item. If eternium is enchanted with magic the damage and AC bonus's do not stack directly with the 'upgrades', Though they work parallel.

For example

Arthrun has completed both quests mentioned above and has had a Eternal Greatsword made for him. This blade gives him a +1 bonus on attacks. He now wishes to enchant his sword with magic to give a +1 bonus on attack and damage. He now has a total of +2 bonus to attack and +1 on damage. Arthrun then takes his new blade and goes on another quest which he put the sword through a tremendous amount of stress by bursting through walls with the weapon. Due to this stress the blade has upgraded due to the process of it constantly healing itself. it has upgraded to a hardness of a adamantine sword, giving a +3 bonus to attack 20 hardness and 40 hit points. Arthrun now has a bonus of +5 to attack and still +1 to damage. He will have to further enchant his blade to add attack and damage bonuses

‘Upgrades’ for Eternium: In order for Eternium to upgrade it has to heal a total of double the hit points the weapon currently has in order to develop a permanent increase in the weapons durability. Ex. a level 0 Eternium tipped spear has 30 hit points. in order to gain the bonuses from a level 1 upgrade you would have to subject the weapon to a total of 60 hit points of damage. Eternium regenerates 5 hp every 24 hours or can be repaired its maximum hit points for half the cost of making it by Xemus or any follower of his capable.

Enhancing previous blades: Eternium can be used to enhance other blades by adding 1/2 the hit points and hardness of the original and then decreasing the total hardness by 5 due to it having to adapt to a foreign metal to itself. It also regenerates 2hp instead of 5hp per day.

Projectiles: Eternium can also enhance projectiles using the bonus it adds with weapons. Its effects don’t stack with the weapon that fires it unless other wise noted.

Armor: Eternal Armor is different from other types of armor. If a suit is made from Eternium it then incurs the same hardness and hit points of a level 0 eternal weapon. The suit can be destroyed and has the same properties as the weapon version of itself, but it is much easier to upgrade. As long as the armor isn’t broken, the suit will get damaged from all forms of attack that you incur. This damage works along side your hit points. For ex Rein has a suit of light eternal armor crafted for him and goes into battle against a kobold. This kobold then attacks him and lands a hit dealing 2 dmg. This damage would come off of his hit points and also the hit points of his armor. Though Eternal Armor regenerates 20 hit points per day and can be repaired for half the price it took to make it.

Eternium can actually decrease the Armor check penalty of armor when it to a maximum of +5 for light, +3 for medium, and +1 for heavy. High level Eternium gives the user damage reduction to all forms of harm due to its strength in durability. It gives a +1 damage reduction bonus every 2 levels the armor upgrades. The AC bonus also increases by 1 each level it upgrades.

Staffs and Rods: Eternium can be a conductor and is resistant to all forms of energy. When used for evocation spells with a particular element (ex. fire, cold, or lightning), add a +1 conduction bonus to any attack or damage roll. This bonus increases with every 'upgrade'. staffs follow the weapon upgrade table.

Additional Information[edit]

Eternium starts off with 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10.

Eternal Armor starts with an AC bonus of 5 for light, 6 for medium, and 7 for heavy. The Armor check penalty is 0 for light, -2 for medium, and -4 for heavy.

Table: Weapon Upgrades

Level Atk bonus Hardness Hit points
0 +0 10 30
1 +1 15 35
2 +2 20 40
3 +3 25 45
4 +4 30 50
5 +5 35 55
etc. etc. etc. etc.

Table: Armor Upgrades

Level1 AC bonus Hardness Hitpoints Dmg Reduction1 Penalty Reduction
0 +0 10 30 - +0
1 +1 15 35 - +1
2 +2 20 40 1/L, 2/M, 3/H +2
3 +3 25 45 - +3
4 +4 30 50 2/L, 3/M. 4/H +4
5 +5 35 55 - +5
etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
L is Light armor, M is Medium armor, and H is Heavy armor. Effects do not stack on previous reductions, they are replaced.

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