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Residential District 119[edit]


PC starting location

RA119 is a poor section of Posod with a high crime rate.

RA119 is under complete lockdown when the Campaign starts, and thus characters must work through a series of Adventures in order to gain access to the next area.


Cell 17, Cloak, Section ΘΨ

Merchant District 30[edit]


MD30 is a light residential, heavy business area.

It is the second area open to the PCs (after RA119).


Cell 17, Cell 88, Section ΘΨ

Technology District 33[edit]


No residents besides some live-in lab technicians. The streets tend to be hauntingly empty besides during rush-hour (usually phased across 2 hours in both the morning and evening).

It is the area open to the PCs after MD30.


Tribal Tech, C16 Corp., Venus Labs

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