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Entry Elevator[edit]

Entering from Topside[edit]

A short passage extends beyond the secret door that leads topside. It opens into a small circular room. In the center of the room is a strange round table with a central column reaching to the ceiling and 4 ancient wooden spars evenly spaced around the outer edge making it resemble a sailing ships capstan. A simple search of the room reveals that the floor is not touching the walls with a very slight gap seperating the two. If the central capstan is examined it will be discovered that it can be turned. Counter-clockwise makes the floor go up, but only a few inches before stopping. Clockwise lowers the floor at a rate of about 1/2 foot a round making it take approximately 100 rounds (about 10 minutes).

As the floor lowers it passes by a number of cracks and crevices leading out to the drop-off into the sea. Some of the crevices are quite large, in fact one is large enough for a Carrion Crawler to slip through, which is precisely what happens when the floor is about 25 feet down. Attracted by the noise the Carrion Crawler has come in search of food and immediately attacks.

  • Tactics: The Carrion Crawler stays on the walls avoiding the floor (DM's: try not to make it too obvious). It tries to paralyze everyone it can and make off with one of the victims to its lair for consumption. If the Crawler ends up on the ground (whether from being knocked off the wall or killed) the floor is over burdened and shatters, dropping everyone the remaining distance to the bottom of the shaft. Normal falling damage applies.

Entering from Underground[edit]

Sunlight illuminates this 20 foot diameter shaft through the myriad crack and crevices that lead out to the seaside cliff. From the corridor to the bottom of the shaft is a 3 foot drop. In the center of the room is column that extends all the way to the ceiling. Climbing up the wall is fairly easy due to the cracks, a particularly large crack about 35 feet up offers easy access to the outside. Any undue noise, either in the shaft or while climbing on the outside, attracts the attention of a Carrion Crawler which immediately attacks.

Carrion Crawler Lair[edit]

The carrion crawler makes its lair in the side of the sea cliff and emerges to hunt the birds and small animals that live on the cliff and in the forest above. Typically paralyzing its prey and bringing it back to the lair, the crawler has made itself quite a nest from the multitude of bones and other objects that have accompanied its kills.

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