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Energy Paths and the Divine Spark[edit]

The Four-Fold Cosmos Prism:

Void: Shadow & the Shadow Realm, Orbit / Spheres / Clusters / Vortex, Negative-aligned Water-like Energy, Chaos, created from the excess of the Chaotic Realms.
Veil: Ethers & the Ethereal Realm, Fold / Veils / Framework / Filament, Positive-aligned Fire-like Energy, Law, created from the excess of the Lawful Realms.
Umbra: Astral Umbra & the Astral Realm, Weave / Strands / Threads / Fabric, Neutral-aligned Air-like Energy, Thought / Dream / Spirit, the spaces betwixt the air itself.
Permea: Permeatic Umbra & the Gauntlet, Permeatic Solids / Liquids / Gases / Plasmas / Elements / Compounds, Neutral-aligned Earth-like Energy, transmorphic matter and molecular compounds, created from the culmination of the Elemental/Energy Planes (the Inner Cube).

Sample Artifact: The Four-Fold Prism [Artifact]

Grants 4 Mana Points
+2 Craft (Inath)
+2 Knowledge (Inath)
+4 Telekinesis
+1 Ego and Spirit

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