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Energy Mortar[edit]

Energy Mortar
Damage 6d8
Burst Radius 20ft
Critical x2
Max Range 1525ft
Range Increment 50ft

The Energy Mortar is the main weapon of a Covenant Wraith. On a successful hit, the creature or character must pass a DC 15 reflex save or take triple damage from the Energy Mortar and may not make a reflex save to half the damage. When the mortar hits, the center of the explosion is the space which the struck creature/character/object occupies when the mortar explodes. A miss works as normal for a thrown splash weapon, and a passed reflex save signifies that the grenade lands in the space that the character occupies, but does not hit the target directly.

Note: for every range increment beyond the first, a round passes before The mortar hits the target.

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