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Enduring Hide[edit]

Armor Armor
Check Speed Price (gp) Weight Properties Base Type
Enduring Hide (light) +7 - - - - Smilodon Maioribus {{{basetype}}}

The protective armor forged for humanoid races is ill suited for the Greater Smilodon, a titanic, quadrupedal predatory beast. Instead, its members are naturally gifted with a dense, thick pelt that rivals even the strongest of armors. Typically representing itself as a tawny fur, marked and scored by various stripes, spots, rosettes and camouflage, it provides an innate means of protection and concealment. In the Winter months, or in particularly cold environments, the tan coloration will be shed for a mixture of grays and white with charcoal markings, providing a snow-like appearance.


Smilodon Maioribus

Only the race of Smilodon Maioribus, and its associated class unique to it the Apex Predator, are capable of using the Enduring Hide as a natural, provided, and costless armor.

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