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[[3e Summary::you become resistant to attacks, and some, even heal from them. but you don't(or much rather) can't express EMOtion.

when anything becomes an emo it must have had a tragic event in its life, such as the loss of a loved one, or murder of a parent

Creating an Emo[edit]

this template is aquired, but rarely inherrited. this template can be applied to any creature with an intellegence of 10+ and had a tragic event in life,mostly murders of loved ones(never the old age death of one) (referred to hereafter as the base creature)

Size and Type[edit]

no change to size, or type

Hit Dice[edit]

No change


+10 movement.

Armor Class[edit]

-5 to armor class(no armor, no dex=5ac


you gain a +20 when inflicting pain on yourself(intentionally), and you also gain unarmed damage equal to that of a monk half your level, your unarmed strikes now deal lethal slashing(karate chop type stuff) or piercing(the 'ol 1, 2) damage

Full Attack[edit]

no change, but unlike a monk a Emo may use any weapon and can coordinate unarmed strikes in between with no penalty.

Special Qualities[edit]

your mind can no longer be read, nor are you affected by mind affecting abilities/ spells. also you gain damage reduction equal to your level, and have fast healing equal to half your level, as well as regeneration equal to half your level. this regeneration only takes effect when the loss of a limb occurs, or when the base creature is within safe living quarters(tent, building, shop ect...) also if your level it 21+ you may change half of any one attack per turn into healing damage(you may pick after the damage is calculated) and if your level is 31+ you may make the entire attack heal you, this applies to one additional attack per turn for every +10 levels past 30


you no longer have a charisma score


-20 to all cha based skills but sense motive, which gains +10


no feats are gained


same as base creature


ummmmmm....don't think it matters much.

Challenge Rating[edit]

same as usual


same as base creature


any non-lawful.


Level Adjustment[edit]


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