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Half-Rage Elf[edit]

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This is a race of raging elves.

The Rage Elves are a dying or dead race; they are called rage elves because of their short fuses. Rage Elves where one of the oldest elven races even older then they’re high elves cousins. The rage elves were fearsome warriors, they had the ability to with stand battle for days. They were almost completely killed off by the rest of the elven races because they feared they’re power and they’re strength. The elves didn’t kill off all of them; they left one male and left him to be bonded to servitude.

Creating a Half-Rage Elf[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Burning Hands 2d4

Special Qualities[edit]

Aura of Fear- anytime a creature steps with in a 20ft radius of the half rage elf they must make a will save of 10+cha mod+ half character level. If a creature fails the saving throw they are shaken for 1d6 rounds, but they can make another throw to half way through being shaken to break the fear; the DC for the throw is reduced by one.

Darkvision- 60ft

Damage Reduction 5/magic.

Faster Healing of 20 – your body is able to heal faster than others due to the elven blood running through your veins


Ability: +2 to Strength, +2 to Constitution

Level Adjustment[edit]


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