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A swirl.

Domains: She is the protector of elves, eladrin, and fey.

Vashlora Greentree is worshiped by most elves as well as by eladrins. The hierarchy of the temples and religious organizations from lowest to highest are the worshiper, laity, novitiate, acolyte, adept, apprentice priest, priest, curate, bishop elect, bishop, cardinal elect, cardinal, high priestess, high priest, matriarch, and patriarch. Most organizational clerics are devoted clerics. Most organizational paladins (except for knightly orders) are ardent paladins, protecting paladins, and virtuous paladins. Rarely do any avengers or invokers belong to the religious organization. The festival Elven Demigoddess celebrates is the high festival of Vashlora Greentree Demigod, on the 14th day, a full moon day, of the fifth month, Pent, which is also known as Summer Swirl Day. |dominion=Elven Demigoddess is an inhabiter of the physical plane. Demigods have shrines, chapels, temples, worshipers, and clerics. With the destruction of the City-State of Phobos, leaving four City-States against the Evil Empire, it is believed to be a positive omen from the Gods: four against one, becoming Elven Demigoddess sacred number. In or near metropolitan areas or capitals there may be temples, cathedrals, monasteries, and spiritual universities. Temples have four or more clerics lead by a bishop. Cathedrals have ten or more clerics led by a cardinal. Monasteries have ten or more clerics led by a cardinal. Spiritual universities have thirty or more clerics led by a matriarch or patriarch. As four is a sacred number, the altars are four square feet with four attending priests. Cathedrals, temples, monasteries, and shrines are built in squares. The Greentree Tower is the temple of Vashlora in Elven Kingdom of Lorencrete. The high priest is a golden haired Elf named Leaf Moreson the Spiritual. In the Elven Kingdom of Urie Treecircle The Green Swirl Tower is the temple of Vashlora Greentree and the high priest is Birel Longarcher the Righteous Judge.

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