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Player Info

Character Creation
Advice on Creating Characters
Races of Tamriel.
Astrological birthsigns.
Spells and Magicka
Daedra, Aedra, and Divines oh my!!!.

World Reference

Nirn's history and Tamriel's shaping.
Realm of the Daedric Princes.
Groups of mages, fighters, assassins, and town idiots.
Creatures & Monsters
The Vast critters and creatures in the Elder Scrolls universe.
Heroes and Villians of Tamriel.
Crime and Punishment
Imperial Law.

Running Elder Scrolls

The reason why
Basic info about the project
About helping out.
Running an Elder Scrolls Campaign
Advice for implementing a campaign.
Adventures set in Tamriel.

Tamriel is the vast continent where the events of the Elder Scrolls unfold, located on the planet of Nirn, which is often referred to as Mundus. Aldmeris for "Dawn's Beauty" and Ehlnofex for "Starry Heart" - Tamriel is home to nine distinct provinces: Black Marsh, Cyrodiil, Elsweyer, Hammerfell, High Rock, Morrowind, Skyrim, Summerset Isle and Valenwood.

Fantastic artifacts of unknown origin and quantity, the Elder Scrolls are, simultaneously, archives of both historic and future events. Given the appellation of "The Aedric Prophecies" by the First Era sage Therin of Mournhold, the scrolls are more appropriately entitled Elder Scrolls.

Invoking power through a series of complicated rituals, a mystic of incredible strength is granted the ability to interpret the contents of the Elder Scrolls, which would otherwise appear as mere blank parchment. While certain fated individuals have been known to read the Elder Scrolls without the benefit of the associated rituals, the information revealed to both them and the mystics is never absolute. That having been said, once an event foretold within the scrolls is carried out in the world it becomes fixed within them, a part of prophecy no longer, but one of history, unable to be removed from the scrolls through any invocation of power or magic.

Such insight into the inner fabric of reality comes at a price, however, as each new foretelling and interpretation strikes the reader with blindness for a greater period of time, while simultaneously granting them a broader view of the scroll's contents. Ultimately, the reader, having engaged in frequent acts of prophecy, is left bereft of their vision, forever after removed of their right to read the scrolls. By time-honored tradition only those of The Cult of the Ancestor Moth may read from the scrolls, the younger members caring for the elder as they gradually lose their sight for eternity.

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