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Mountain Dwarves[edit]


Mountain dwarves consider themselves the 'purest' dwarves. They live beneath the mountains, in isolated strongholds that they actively discourage others from visiting. They claim to be the first dwarves, and all others sprang from them. On this, they are probably correct. Mountain dwarves are more clannish than other dwarves and prefer to keep to themselves.

monster manual pg.104

Hill Dwarves[edit]


Hill dwarves are the most common dwarves. Their strongholds are located primarily underground, though with surface outposts. They have adapted to live both above and below ground better than most other dwarves, and tend to be the most open-minded and friendly of the dwarves. The differences between hill and mountain dwarves is cultural.

players handbook pg.14

Deep Dwarves[edit]


Deep Dwarves live far below the surface of the earth, and rarely, if ever, contact the surface world. They do tend to get along with their mountain cousins, but feel that hill dwarves have been tainted by their dealings with the outside world. Deep dwarf females tend to wear their beards long.

Badlands Dwarves[edit]


The Badlands dwarves have made their homes in the cliffs and mountains in the Southern Desert. Though they have adapted to their desert home, they are otherwise culturally similar to Mountain Dwarves and considered to still be brethren.

sandstrom pg.42

Glacier Dwarves[edit]


Glacier dwarves live far to the north, and have adapted to life there. Otherwise, they are culturally similar to Mountain Dwarves. Like Badlands Dwarves, Glacier Dwarves are not considered to be a seperate group, but rather simply dwarves that live elsewhere but are still welcome in the Great Halls of the Mountain Dwarves.

frostburn pg.34

Seacliff Dwarves[edit]


Seacliff dwarves are closer culturally to Hill Dwarves, as Mountain Dwarves really cannot comprehend how Seacliff dwarves can stand to live near and with the ocean. Seacliff Dwarves, as their name suggests, make their homes in the high cliffs over looking the sea. They are perhaps the rarest of dwarves, found only in Falkor.

stormwrack pg.44

Gray Dwarves[edit]


Gray dwarves turned their backs on their cousins long ago, and sought darkness blacker than could be found in caverns. Most dwarves become angry when someone refers to the gray dwarves as dwarves, calling them instead duergar.

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