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Dust of Corrosion[edit]

The non-magical materials of Dust of Corrosion is a piece of refined Corrusium (3.5e Equipment) that once it has been crafted now affects metal magical or otherwise. Then it is ground to a fine dust. This dust can be used in several ways.

It can be placed into a wooden tube and sealed with bee's wax, as a move action blowing into the tube releases the dust from tube in a 30ft. line.

This line does 3d10 of direct damage (no hardness allowed) to all metal in the path, metal creatures have a fortitude DC 15 to half damage.

Creatures caught in that line can avoid the dust with a Ref Negate DC 15 on success no damage is taken.

Failure results in all metal items the creature has on his person receive 2d10 rust damage done directly to the objects hp.

Bamboo or wooden Tube: can be blown in a 30ft. line.

  • Vial: 1oz. It can rust up to a metal object or objects equal to 1 Sq.ft. up to 10lbs.

Price: 200gp

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