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Dungeon Maps[edit]

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Subterranean River Complex (map 1)
A Mayoral Manor Hall
An Ancient Observatory
Noscali Gate
Darrin Drader's "The Cult of Tharizdun"
A bat-infested blacksmith's cellar.
Bane Temple
A palace or keep
Cяow Castle
The Beast Below quest map.
To Build A City quest map.
Atly Mansion 1-2
Atly Mansion 3-4
Atly Mansion Basement
Ruined Tower
A dungeon in the Golden Apple campaign.
Taldos Temple
A simple cottage in the woods.
Guild Hall
Dwarven Seaside Outpost
Dwarven Seaside Outpost - Kitchen
Jerock's lair
Lupan's lair
Simple ruined tower battlement
A standard maze map.
The second part of a standard maze map.
A Large Pirating/Travel vestle
Dungeon 36
The City Of Necromancers
Basement Drug Lab
Temple of the Rising
The Scarlet House
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