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Dual Power [Power]

The character can manifest two powers that they are holding simultaneously.
Prerequisite: Cha 17+, Power (empathy) 18 ranks, Evolved, Increased Holding
Benefit: You may manifest two powers that you are holding with the use of the Power (empathy) simultaneously. You make the checks with each power as normal at a +5 to the DC to each to activate them.
Using both require an amount of time equal to the highest of the powers. Example: One power requires a standard action to activate and the other requires a full round action, so if you used both it would require a full round action.
Normal: You may only activate one power at a time.
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time allowing you to activate 1 additional powers with an increase of an additional +5 to the DC per additional power you are trying to manifest.

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