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Stoic and peaceful denizens of the deep forest, and ferocious warriors when stirred into action.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 7'11" - 10'2"
Average Weight: 270-300 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom and +2 Strength or +2 Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Elven
Skill Bonuses: +2 Nature, +2 Endurance
Fey Origin: You have the fey keyword, so you are considered a fey for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Animate Plant: You are an animate plant, and have the plant keyword. You do not need food, but you do need to breathe, and you need light and water on a daily basis. When you sleep or rest, you transform into a tree.
Forest Walk: You ignore difficult terrain if that terrain is the result of trees, underbrush, plants, or natural growth.
Sharp Claws: Your claws are melee weapons with which you are proficient. You have two sets of claws, one in each hand. Each set of claws is a part of the light blade and unarmed weapon groups, deals 1d6 damage, has a +3 proficiency bonus, and has the off-hand property. When you are holding an item in one of your hands, you cannot use the claws in that hand to attack. You can enchant and disenchant your claws. When you disenchant your claws, they do not turn to dust.
Magic of the Trees: When your class grants you a utility power after 1st level, you can forgo taking that power. Instead you can take a hamadryad utility power (Heroes of the Feywild, pages 26 & 27) of the same level or lower.
Tree Stride: Once per day you may use the Tree Stride ritual (Player's Hanbook 2, page 217) as if you have the Ritual Caster feat and without expending components.
Deceptive Veil: You have the deceptive veil power.
Tree Form: You have the tree form power.

Deceptive Veil Dryad Racial Power
With a bit of old magic, you take on a more comely appearance.
At-Will Star.gif Illusion
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Using an illusion, you can disguise yourself as any medium humanoid, including a specific individual. You gain neither the abilities nor mannerisms of the chosen form, nor the tactile or audible properties of the chosen form. You can dispel the illusion as a free action. A successful insight check opposed by your bluff check penetrates the disguise.

Tree Form Dryad Racial Power
You turn into a tree in order to rest and recover your injuries.
At-Will Star.gif Polymorph
Standard Action Personal
Effect: You transform into a medium sized tree. While in tree form, you cannot attack or move, you gain resist 5 + half level to all damage except fire, and your healing surge value is one quarter your hit points + your Wisdom modifier. You can end this effect as a standard action. While in tree form, your equipment becomes part of your tree form and you continue to gain the benefits of the equipment you wear.

For as long as there have been forests, there have been the tree folk, dryads. While normally gentle and peaceful, dryads are fierce and determined combatants.

Play a Dryad if you want...

  • To be a part of the forest.
  • To be both strong and gentle.
  • To recover quickly after being wounded.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the warden, ranger, seeker, shaman, druid, fighter, cleric, invoker, warlord, runepriest, and paladin classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Dryads are humanoid trees, with skin like bark, legs like sturdy trunks, toes like roots, and hair like a crown of leafy branches. Dryads tend to look vaguely female, and tend to choose feminine names for themselves. When taking on the guise of another race, Dryads prefer to take on the appearance of a beautiful maiden, often an elf, eladrin, shifter, or human. In truth, Dryads are androgynous, as a Dryad's flowers contains both male and female reproductive organs. In their resting state, a dryad is a tree of roughly the same size and height as the dryad in its humanoid form.

Playing a Dryad[edit]

Dryads are a part of the forest. Dryad communities are found in large, old forests, and often have close ties to any neighbouring elf, eladrin, shifter, or human communities, especially to those communities where the druidic faiths hold sway. Long lived, peaceful, and patient, dryads are often reluctant to leave their grove and disinterested in the wars and troubles of other races. However, dryads are not aloof. Dryads form deep and lasting friendships and are fiercely protective. A dryad might go adventuring simply to accompany a close elf, shifter, or human friend. A young dryad might also be seized with wanderlust, for after all, there is a saying among dryads: ' these roots are made for walking'.

Dryad Characteristics: Stoic, patient, gentle, perceptive, fierce, passionate, protective, decisive

Dryad Names: Atlantia, Byblis, Cranae, Drosera, Echo, Erato, Groot, Iaera, Orphne, Phigalia, Phoebe, Pitys, Rhene, Syrinx, Venilla

Dryad Adventurers[edit]

Three sample dryad adventurers are described below.

Syrinx is a dryad warden. When her home grove was threatened by a host of aberrations, she realized she could ignore the outside world no longer. Now she is a member of the Wardens of the Wood, and she fights with the ferocity of nature to protect her new comrades-in-arms, and ultimately the world.

Pitys is a dryad seeker. After fifty years of life, wanderlust took root in Pitys' heart. Now she travels with a band of adventurers who appreciate having a nature savvy guide whose skill with the bow is unmatched. Pitys uses her speed and surefooted agility to keep away from enemies and her ancient dryad magic to make sure her shots don't miss.

Drosera is a dryad fighter. War has come to her people, and the old ways are not enough. She has taken up sword and chain mail forged of steel and learned to fight like a dwarf. Her ferocity and determination has earned her the respect of her companions. In the heat of battle she thinks only of victory, but during the quiet of the night, she often dreams of home, and wishes to return to peaceful days in the forest once these days of trouble are behind her.

Dryad Racial Feats[edit]

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