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Drugar Invasion[edit]

Intended for four level 2-5 players starting at 1, ending anwhere between 10-20 (depending on dm preference) adventurers.

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There are three options here, depending out what route you would like to take with it. I will list them all here.

  1. Drugar attack: The adventurers are traveling along the path through the forest of --- (all names of towns, countries, and terrains are to be chosen by the dm) when several bolts fly past, and dwarf-like creatures shimmer into view, the drugar! On them is a map, written in an unusual language (undercommon). Just as you begin to decipher it, more people appear, though these are not Drugar, they are part of the local military. after some comunication, they ask you to come with them to speak with the king. He enlists your aid to stop this invasion for a final price of -- (dm choice, I made it 100pp).
  2. The adventures are in a town, resting, when news travels of an impending war, and all adventures are asked to go to the local mayor/king for information on how they can help, for a reward of course.
  3. Each party member is enlisted by a particular races king/queen/chieftain to join a scouting party to help stop a new threat. All races are to work together on this, so you will be mixed in with the aid. This method has some requirements. This is a way to start this game without putting it in an existing game. Multiple races are recommended.
  • Prep Time The time it takes to read this, and read the few entries that come from the monster manual. I would take a few hours to prepare before eatch session.
  • Play Time long. It can run as many sessions as you wish it to, or as little as you want.

Quest Introduction[edit]

Your ruler leans over to speak to you in a hushed, yet athoritive tone "The deep-dwarves, also known as drugar, have invaded the surface world. They seem to hold no respect for any race, and wish all dead. I am hiring you to be part of an exclusive scouting party. You will be rewarded hansomly for you work. Here is what i need you to do...


This story takes place in any world where drugar, and the forgoten relems gods exist. There seemed to be no warning this was going to occur, unless you were in the underdark.

Underdark warnings: there was a sudden decrease in activities of the mind flyers. shortly after, all drugars started to move back to their homes. a few years after that occurance, the drugar started marching, killing almost all creatures in their path, nearly killing out the deep gnomes (smirvnebblins). those who could sense magic could sense a large magical force deep in the underdark, could be sensed from anywhere in the underdark, but anyone who tried to get close never returned.


All the kings/queen/cheftens of your races. They all get involved eventually.

King Basalic - Lv 9 Drugar fighter (or possibly a war mage, that is up to the dm)

Spellweive - Lv 20 sorcerer (he remains neutral in combat unless necissary for task he goes on)

Brother - Lv 1 human cleric (he is the in-game npc. He is important to the games progression and is a required npc, though from lv 8 to ending lv, he dissapers and reappers only when needed)

Yamamoto - Lv 1 Drow fighter (he is a playable character, and is suggested he is one unless your running the game with a higher number of players. He is not required, but it helps with the drows advancement. He travels with the party if he is an npc, and will be part of all combat.)

Socerer - Lv - mind flyer socerer. (this is the main villian in the campain. He remains several levels higher then the party at each encounter with him, and his familiar is an elephant, or any unusal powerful animal.)


Due to this quests long nature, and few times reaching any cities, it is suggested you occasionaly throw in some weapons, armor, and traveling supplies along the way so they can progress in power as the drugar do.

Stage One: The Beginning[edit]

After taking on the quest, you start your first mission, a minor scouting assignment. you are to scout the surrouning forrest for signs of drugar activity, and are not to return until you have the forrest scouted out. This is where you can run several drugar encounters, from easy to tough as you like. Brother and Yammamoto will help out in this part, Brother healing when no other healer will, but not much otherwise. This is to contenue for quite some time. feel free to throw in smaller side quests to help keep the players interested. There is alot of stratagy here. The drugar seem ruthless and cunning, using whatever tactics seem appropriate for the group, though they use their invisiblity and enlargement to their advantage when they can. Once they reach Lv 3, they are to find a map on one of the drugar, showing a location for a large encampment. The encampment can have as many drugar in it as you wish, but there are several key things here. One, a newer map that shows several other smaller encampments in the forrest, as well as an entrence to the underdark that is nearby. If they chose to confront the encampenta, they will find that they are powerful, just not as strong as the first one, as well as find that they have aid from drow as well. If they do not, then procede to stage 2.

      • note. This part of the campaign will take several months in game time. Factor in weather and food to make it seem more real. If they take the other encampents, it'll take closer to half a year to complete.

Stage Two: Dwarfs, Drow, and Mind Flyers Oh my![edit]

This part of the campaign is where things get interesting. On their way back to the king that hired them (I used the elfs here, but really any but the dwarves work for this) after either finding the map, or taking out the encampments. On the third day of travel (during which you can have them encounter drugar, drow, or any creatures you see fit) they find a dead elf on the road. After examining the body, they find its a messanger, delevering a message to them. It is coded, and after some work (a decifer script check dc 15) they realize that it is telling them that the drugar have invaded, and they have moved to a neighboring kingdom to reestablish their army (i used humans for this). They are to take the best possible solution to weaken the invading army, that their are rumors of a nearby entrence to the underdark, and they are asked to investigate, find its location, and see if they can find the drugar base of operations. If you need to put it in there, you can put in hints of a pay raise. Obviously, they have the location of the entrence, it is in a mountain range to the south east. That also happens to be the location of a small dwarven tribe. The traveling is up to you, wheather you want to put in encounters or make it pass uneventufully. Eventually, you reach the mountain range. I put this during the winter, to add the snow and cold aspect, but the time of year is really up to you. After several days looking for an entrence to the dwarven city, they will eventually find a small cave entrence. Entering the cave, they will go through a small maze. Once they find their way out, the find a large city, with dwarves and Drugar wandering about! They all stop and stair at the adventureres, though none will attack unless the adventurers attack. If they ask around (dc 17 gather information check) the adventurers would find that the drugar here are renagades, ones who have left the invasion. With some more asking (a dc 20 gather information check)you find out that a drugar prince (who is the king of these drugar)there, living with the king. It is also said the Drugar King knows information on stratigic points in the army. To see either king, however, you need to do a small quest. The dwarves have had some trouble with some rats, they need them eliminated. If you kill the rats, you can have an audience with the kings, and they'll tell you everything you need to know. A dwarf guard leads you to a cave entrence. Through a small tunnel of caves. throughout the tunnels, you reach a cave, around 50 ft square. It seems a natural formation. In there is sitting one rat, a huge creature. (this rat is my own creation. HP 30, AC 15, Fort 5, ref 1, will 1. Attacks bite +2 id6 plus disease [a disease that does 1d2 con dmg inital, a d4 secondary dc fort 14] full attack is same. special ability: invisiblity, acidic blood cr 3). It is currently asleep. if awoken, it attacks the nearest creature, and will contenue to attack that one until killed. when killed, the weapon that killed it needs to make a hardness check dc 14 or break. (hardness for weapons is in the dmg). Upon going back to the dwarves,you are admited into the kings chamber. In the Kings chamber ther are two kings, one dwarf, and one drugar, sitting on chairs. The kings introduce themselves as King Basalic (drugar) and whatever you have named your dwarven king. They are sitting on two chairs. The dwarven king motions for the guards to leave. The guards leave and they ask you what you need. This is what the kings are willing to tell you. - The Drugars main base is in the underdark. - The Drugar, two years ago, just suddenly started marching unexpectidly - They arn't to stop until the whole surface world is theres. - these drugar left because they wanted to stay in the dark comfort of the underdark.

If you ask anything about the person who controls the army (what is the kings name, who rules the army, anything along those lines) both the kings freeze for a split second (dc 19 spot check to notice) and attack the party members. This should be a difficult battle, but not impossible. At this point, the party should be around lv 6 (lv 4 if you want to only go to ten) and the dwarven king should be around 5, the drugar 8 ( 3 and 5 if you want it to ten). If the room is searched, they will find a dwarven urgosh with an unknown enchantment on it (its a +1 dwarven urgosh of frost), 3 jewles worht around 100gps a piece, 200gp in coins, 3 scrolls (2 cure moderate and one raise dead), any other things you'll want to put in here (this is a good upgrade point, or points to put in cursed items), and with a dc 22 search check, a hidden tunnel in the corner of the room. The tunnel leads south, and is very dark. they wil be walking for around 1 day or so (with resting and all of that) when they should make a spot check (dc 25 with darkvision, dc 27 by torch light)to notice a lose ground. The ground won't collapse until the whole part is over it. they will fall into a pool of water. (the rest will be put later)

Stage Three: {{{stage-three name}}}[edit]

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Stage Four: {{{stage-four name}}}[edit]

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