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Dragon Part: Dragon's blood (1 Gallon)
Feat Required: Dragoncrafter (3.5e Feat)
Skill: Craft (alchemy) DC 25
Weight: 1lb

A blood elixir is a concoction brewed from the concentrated blood of a True Dragon. A blood elixir grants an enhancement bonus as well as an additional effect as noted on the table below, based on the dragon's variety. You can consume a dragonblood elixir as a full round action(which provokes an attack of opportunity), and its effects last for 10 minutes. These effects are extraordinary, not magical thus unaffected by an anti-magic field or dispel magic.

Dragon Type, Element, and Resistance Provided by Armor or Shield
Dragon Type Enhancement Bonus Additional Effect Market Price
Black Dragon +2 Strength Darkvision 120ft 700 gp
Blue Dragon +2 Strength Sound Imitation1 900 gp
Brass Dragon +2 Charisma Speak with animals 400 gp
Bronze Dragon +2 Charisma Water breathing 1,000 gp
Copper Dragon +2 Charisma Spider climb 700 gp
Dreg Dragon +2 Strength Stinking cloud2 700 gp
Dry Dragon +2 Wisdom Tremorsense 1,200 gp
Fairy Dragon +2 Charisma Detect magic 700 gp
Force Dragon +2 Wisdom Blur 2,000 gp
Gold Dragon +2 Charisma Polymorph2 1,200 gp
Green Dragon +2 Strength Suggestion2 1,200 gp
Lethus Dragon +2 Charisma Darkness2 1,400 gp
Olympus Dragon +2 Charisma Daylight2 1,400 gp
Orange Dragon +2 Strength Shatter2 1,200 gp
Plains Dragon +2 Wisdom See invisibility2 900 gp
Prismatic Dragon +2 Wisdom Hypnotic Pattern2 1,700 gp
Psi Dragon +2 Wisdom Polymorph2 1,200 gp
Red Dragon +2 Strength Dragon breath (2d10 fire)2 1,400 gp
Silver Dragon +2 Charisma Cloudwalking1 1,400 gp
White Dragon +2 Strength Icewalking1 600 gp
  1. Functions as the dragon ability of the same name.
  2. This ability is usable only once during the elixir's duration. Its effect lasts until the end of the elixar's durration.

Legal Disclaimer

This web page is an edited version of the item from the D&D 3.5e Book call Draconomicon and also contains items based of other homebrew creatures.
Copyrights and trademarks for the books are held by their respective owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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