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Dragon Isles[edit]


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Your lives will not be remembered. It is your duty to die here.
Archmage Coeus
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Introduction The isles are far from the rest of the civilized lands, and this is probably while those lands still exist, this isle is the birthplace of many of the evil dragons that roam the world, it is also the death place and resting place of many an ancient wyrm that has tired with the world and wants to be alone among its kind. The island is no doubt home to countless gold coins, gemstones and other valuables that make up the hoards of the many dragons on this island. The only structure that exists beyond tunnelled out caves of the dragons is a large temple to Tiamat, built by slaves and servants of 'lesser' races for the dragons. Few creatures live on this island besides dragons, however there is rumor that several merchant ships ply trade in livestock, slaves and precious items with the dragons in return for a wealthy profit.

History In the past there is records among some older nations, of a joint effort to rid the world of dragons, many powerful nations sent boatloads of troops, war mages and heroes to slay the dragons, and no doubt return with unimaginable wealth from the dragon hoards. The attempt was a military disaster for the races that took part, the dragons, spying the ships from afar, attacked them upon the sea, using their ability to swim and fly to their advantage. Flame, acid and lightning fell from the sky and the naval vessels were very quickly turned into sinking ruins filled with hundreds of dying men and women. This was not the end of the disaster however,the dragons were enraged by the audacity of this attack and pillage and burnt the offending nations with a terrible rage from which some of those old kingdoms never recovered.


From a distance the island appears quite flat, however as one approaches the island takes on more shape, the land is filled with jungles and is quite moist, there is also a lot of valleys and caverns that have been dug out by the drakes over the centuries. The massive temple, large enough for several dragons to enter, is at the centre of the island. Besides dragons and a few servants of other races, there is little much living on the island, the jungle fauna mostly having been hunted out of existence by hungry and bored dragons. However there are quite a few colourful tropical birds on the island, their musical singing seems to be appreciated by the dragons. There is one suitable natural bay on the island for ships to dock, but if it is every used is hard to say.
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