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Flowing with the blood of dragons, lycans and vampires.

Racial Traits[edit]

|Average Height:As base race, 7'8"-8'7" Draecllycpire form

|Average Weight:As base race, 280-375lb. Draecllycpire form.

|abilities:+2 Strength, +1 Will Defense, +2 Racial bonus to Survival skill, +4 Charisma (in base form only), +2 in any other (depending on the non-Draecllycpire base race).


|speed:12 squares/fly 24 squares

|vision:Normal: Normal, Darkvision, Low-light,

|languages: Common, Draconic, |Skill bonuses:+2 Endurance, +2 Perception, +2 bluff, +2 stealth,

|Draconic Resistance: You gain resist 5+half your level to the keyword of your encounter ability flying:A Draecllycpire as wings and can fly at twice its base land speed

|Draconic Armor: Natural armor improves by +4.

|vampiric heritage: As a Draecllycpire you have a thirst for blood but dont require it to live (you can eat and drink as normal person but you crave blood). You gain blood fang as an encounter power.

|half-vampire heritage:Like vampires you are immune to diseases but being half doesnt make you immune to poison instead you have resist 10 poison. You also have resist 5 necrotic but are vulnerable 5 radiant.Draecllycpire are not affected by natural daylight

|Lycan Blood: Draecllycpire qualify as lycanthropy when under it is an effect of spells and weapon qualities. A Draecllycpire may purchase Improved Natural Armor feat without meeting the prerequisites, but the benefit only applies to animal and hybrid form. A Draecllycpire may purchase Scent as a feat.They qualify as a shape shifter, or having alternate form ability for prestige classes (such as war shaper) and simulate feats not directly requiring lycanthropy

|Immunities: As base race, plus a Draecllycpire are immune to lycanthropy of all types

Alternate Form: Draecllycpire can shape shift very similarly to lycanthropy. They have also inherited the ability to take on a form of both a hybrid and animal, similar to a lycanthropy. Draecllycpire can shape shift between their Human, Hybrid, and Animal from by making two full round actions. They may not take any other actions while transforming but are not defenseless, do not provoke an attack of opportunity, and retain their full armor class. The amount of uses is determined by the form they wish to take stated below. Changing from hybrid or animal forms to human form is tiring and taxing on their body. After changing forms they are fatigued for 5 minutes until they reach 11 hit die in which they are no longer fatigued. If they were in combat while in their current form they must be wary of changing forms. If they were not magically healed or had at least 4 hours of sleep, after taking on the new form they must make a DC 20 Constitution check, using their new forms constitution, or be knocked unconscious. They suffer non lethal damage that drops them to -5 hit points.In hybrid form, the Draecllycpire retains its gear, its abilities scores, and class features. It can speak and cast spells as normal. The Draecllycpire with a feat as natural claw attacks (1d4 for Medium, 1d3 for small). With the expenditure of a feat, at 1 Hit Die they may attack with two claws, one being the primary and the other being secondary at -5 hit and half strength. This does not increase in attacks with a higher base attack bonus. They may also at any time attack with a claw as a secondary off hand weapon at -5 to hit as part of a full round action attack. At 5 Hit Die a Draecllycpire may attack with two claws at full base attack bonus and strength. This does not increase in attacks with a higher base attack bonus. If the Draecllycpire fights with a weapon, it can make a secondary attack with the claw (at -5, add only ½ Strength bonus) as part of a full attack action. A Draecllycpire may take on this form as many times as they want, but can not if they have changed forms in less than 5 minutes or is fatigued. In situations where a Draecllycpire humanoid and animal type are of different environments, such as a Draecllycpire shark/human, they hybrid form would be amphibious and be able to breathe air and water. In animal form, the Draecllycpire cannot speak, but retains understanding of all languages it knows. However it loses its ability to uses normal equipment not specifically designed for the new form. While changing to this form, a Draecllycpire, not being as tied to their magical nature as normal lycanthropy, must worry about their own personal gear due to their change in shape and possibly size. Most items that are designed for the use by a humanoid, that are worn, form fall off and items such as weapons that are held are dropped. The same effect applies to items designed for your animal form. The one exception to these rules maybe amulets, which have extended chains for larger creatures, and they must not require any activation for use. The Draecllycpire gains the following traits based on the animal chosen at character creation: Movement’s base speed and type in place of their own, feats, special qualities, skill bonuses, and natural attacks. Like the hybrid form and normal lycanthropy they may take on this form 4/day and gain an additional use per every 4 hit die they posses. Ability Modifiers: A Draecllycpire in hybrid or animal form gains all ability increase to strength, dexterity, constitution. The stats that can be increased are limited by the lycanthropy equivalent’s bonuses. If constitution is chosen your hit points do increase while in hybrid form and animal form only. These hit points are lost last if they take on humanoid form. This could nock them unconscious or even kill them. Stats per Lycanthropy List

Bat (dire):17+Str,22+Dex,17+Con, bear:27+Str,13+Dex,19+Con, Boar:15+Str,10+Dex,17+Con, Rat (dire):10+Str,17+Dex,12+Con, Tiger:23+Str,15+Dex,17+Con, Wolf:13+Str,15+Dex,15+Con,

Other Types of Draecllycpire: A Draecllycpire can only have a base animal if it is not a animal you can't have it

animal skills/Special Qualities: you gain the skills and Special Qualities of the animal you have

Example: a wolf has Low-light vision, scent, and Hide +2, Listen +3, Move Silently +3, Spot +3, Survival +1

Breath Weapon:You can use an encounter power based on your heritage.

Chromatic Breath Draecllycpire Racial Power To be included Encounter♦Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning or Poison

Standard Action Close Blast 3 Target: All creatures in blast. Attack: Strength +2 vs Reflex

Hit: 1d8 + Strength Modifier of your heritage's energy Increase to 2d8 damage at 11th Level. Increase to 3d8 damage at 21st level. Special: When you create your character, choose your character's heritage to determine what type of damage you deal.

Red: Fire Blue: Lightning Green: Poison Black: Acid White: Cold

Blood fang: Draecllycpire Racial Power You bite the neck of your prey, draining its blood. Encounter♦natural

standard Melee Target: one creature Attack: strength vs fortitude Hit: 1d10+charisma modifier damage

Effect: When you succeed to hit the target you can use a healing surge automatically and you also heal the number of damage you have done with this attack.

The product between a tryst of a shape shifter mortal race, great drake, half-undead Draecllycpire are as varied as the human they may be descended from. They may be found amongst outcasts and loners or as nobles and leaders amongst the greatest of society. They might be the great part-human warrior with destructive tendencies, the plucky, coppery-skined halfling thief or the secluded dwarven wizard.

Play an Draecllycpire if you want...

  • To have the power of a dragon the instink of a lycan and the charm of a vampire.
  • To be mysterious and cool or To be anything from a noble, unique knight to a way to seek clean your blood.
  • To be a member of a race that favours any class.

Physical Qualities[edit]

At birth no-one can tell the newborn is Draecllycpire except for a small red glow in the eyes--that is the only sign. They grow normally, at the same speed as other races, but completely stop aging at maturity (adult). At 1 month the eyes turn completely red and when its teeth start to grow the fangs are the first ones to come out.They start to have a thirst for blood only at puberty. They have pale skin, bloody red eyes, and fangs like vampires, but their hair-color and traits are the same as the parents race. Many Draecllycpire try to live normally among others although it is hard for them. It is not rare to see some of them with Draecllycpires, half-dragons, lycans and/or vampires since they welcome them as family. In the Draecllycpire form they look like a half-dragon with fangs and half lycan. Example a red half-dragon with vampiric fangs and fur all over except the abdomen and chest are covered with dragon scales.(plus scales are under the fur).

Playing a Draecllycpire[edit]

evil Draecllycpire descended often see themselves as deserving everything they claim because of their blood. They seek out treasure wherever it is and will actually take glee in resorting to violence to get it, venting out their destructive urges. They are predators, and whether that means they are merciless and hungry socialites or literal predators is up to them. good Draecllycpire feel ashamed of their blood, perhaps seeking adventure to save themselves from their blood or to lose themselves in adventuring, whether that be through gold, anonymity, battle, or death. Draecllycpire, being considered monstrosities, try to hide their identity to fit in and usually restrict themselves from drinking blood to help this purpose. The thirst must be quenched at times and evil ones aren't shy about it, drinking blood as needed, while good ones struggle. Draecllycpire are quite like their progenitor's race despite their differences. Relation's with NPCs The Draecllycpire are very well known of by people, and are viewed as lycanthropes to most; due to this almost everyone knows their weakness. They are commonly killed on site (if seen or left alone) even though they are not contagious like lycanthropy, and are not necessarily evil like their lycanthropy counter parts might be. The same hatred continues into battles, if they are spotted they are usually targeted due to the fear of getting infected with lycanthropy. If spotted by people who hunt Lycanthropy, they will probably track them down and kill them at their leisure. Even if the Draecllycpire can convince people that they are not evil, he still will find it hard to buy any equipment or supplies, and will generally be blamed for anything that goes wrong in the town. However this may be avoided if they remain in humanoid form while in towns; however roomers or a nemesis may alert the public of their true form, especially if they were discovered in another city already. In the end though they are mostly hated due to them being the result of the lycanthropy plague and are seen as a threat to everyone to come.

half-vampires Characteristics: Draecllycpire need to drink blood at least once a month in order not to feel the pain of the need, although they can go without a drop for 7 months. Past that time they start to age prematurely and die after 2 months. A great amount of blood can bring them back the way they were. As long they drink blood they don't age at all.


Aura of Disease: Draecllycpire are a product of a mystical disease intertwining into their heritage. For some reason this has produced a natural aura of unease with humanoids of the same type and suffer a -2 to all reaction and all diplomacy checks. If the fact that the Draecllycpire is discovered as being what they are, by ether being seen changing forms or seen in their hybrid form the penalty is increased to -5. Draecllycpire do not have a weaker force of personality, social skills, or just generally physically attractive; people of their own race just feel a little un-eased around them.

Silver Vulnerability: Due to the lingering curse of lycanthropy in their blood, Draecllycpire suffer a negative reaction to the presence of silver. A Draecllycpire who carries a silver item (such as weapons or coins) is sickened (-2 penalty to attack and weapon damage rolls, saving throws, and skill and ability checks) until that item is dropped. A Draecllycpire who is struck by a silver weapon suffers 2 additional points of damage and is dazzled (-1 to attack rolls, and Search and Spot checks) for 1 round as it burns their flesh on contact. If being struck forces a Draecllycpire to make a Concentration check, the damage dealt by a silver weapon counts double.

Light Blindness: Abrupt exposure to bright light (such as sunlight or a daylight spell) blinds Draecllycpire for 1 round. On subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area but they can shield there eyes from the light and lose all affects of Light Blindness

Male Names: As base race

Female Names: As base race

Draecllycpire Adventurers[edit]

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