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Dr. Dominiani[edit]

  • name = Dr. Dominiani
  • Alignment = CE
  • size = Medium
  • race = Human
  • gender = Male
  • type = Undead Vampire
  • class = Sage
  • level = 9
  • armor class = 1
  • hit points = 43
  • hit dice = 9+3
  • THAC0 = 11
  • No. of Attack = 1
  • Damage/Attack = 5-10 or weapon +5
  • Special Attack = Energy Drain
  • Special Defense = SEE BELOW
  • Magic Resistance = 5%
  • Strength = 18/91
  • Dexterity = 12
  • Constitution = 17
  • Intelligence = 18
  • Wisdom = 17
  • Charisma = 18
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More information...


  • Dominiani is an avid sage who knows many things. His great Intelligence, Wisdom, and knowledge make him a truly formidable opponent. Dr. Dominiani, whose given name is actually Daclaud Heinfroth, is a vampire and vassal to Duke Gundar.
  • Dr. Dominiani is a well known physician in Southern Gundarak. His expertise with lunatics and mad-men is well known. He voluntarily takes these people to his hidden keep in the hills toward Barovia for free treatment. As might be expected, his kindness has earned him a fair degree of popular support.
  • Actually, however, he causes as much madness as he supposedly cures, for the good doctor is not a normal vampire. Unlike others of his ilk, Dr. Dominiani has a particular taste for cerebral fluid. When he feeds upon a hapless victim, it causes 1d6 points of intelligence decline. No cure save magic will restore a victim, and anyone drained below 0 intelligence becomes quite mad.
  • He is after the Crown of Souls, which his lover has. With this item, he can control all of Acheron.


He looks very much like one would expect a Werewolf to look in human form. He has long, bushy sideburns with heavy eyebrows and a thick, wiry beard. He actually plays up this image in order to confuse those few enemies who might try to kill him and, in fact, he does harbor a strong affinity for wolves.


  • In his Dark keep, Castle Montevella.
  • In the Town of Harmonia.


He rushes forth into battle with his sword + 1, +3 vs Lycanthropes and shape changers. He will also send in some of his minions. He will only feed on a victim if he hasn't fed in the last 24 hours.

Special Defense[edit]

In addition to the fact that he can only be hit by +1 or better magical weapons, Dr. Dominiani has several other defenses which set him apart from traditional vampires. For example, he is not affected by Garlic in any way. In fact, he plays up his love for this spice to further convince people that he is not a vampire. Also, he is partially immune to the effects of sunlight and can withstand exposure to it for a full round before suffering any harm.


In the plane of Acheron, in one of these 2 locations.

  • the Town of Harmonia.
  • His Dark Keep. Castle Montevella.
  • His Wife's Keep. Castle Ryland.


Sword + 1 +3 vs lycanthropes and shape changers, oil of timelessness, scroll of return, Quilt of Comfort (gives emotions to intelligent undead. makes them feel like being undead isn't such a bad thing), Dagger + 2 vampire slayer, red coffin (turns any living creature that nears it into a vampire), communication stone, 30,000 gold.


  • He rules over a small area in the plane of Acheron, with his lover.
  • He rules the town of Harmonia, also with his lover.
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