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Doctor Octagonapus Lazer Cannon

Size Gargantuan
Critical 20
Range Increment 200ft
Type Ballistic, Energy
Purchase DC 50
Restriction Mil (+3)
Damage 6d12
Rate of Fire S
Magazine 100% Charge
Weight 1000lbs.

Doctor Octagonapus Lazer Cannon[edit]

The Doctor Octagonapus is a power turret cannon. The name comes from the sound it makes just before it fires, which sounds like the web cartoon character Doctor Octagonapus, hence the name. The Doctor Octagonapus Lazer Cannon or "The Doc" as many military professionals have named it, is a turret-based cannon that, unless mounted on a vehicle, can only fire in one direction, however that beam takes up at least 2 squares worth of width and height and unless anything in the beam roles a DC 20 reflex roll, they are instantly completely vaporized. The beam is most effective at a range of 200 feet, after that the beam only does the damage listed in the table above, and stops after another 1000 feet or hitting a solid target made of metal. The reflex role is used because you can hear it coming. Otherwise they take the damage stated in the table above. The cannon takes it's power from whatever grid it's hooked up to, vehicle or otherwise. A fusion reactor will suffice but for campaigns where there are no fusion reactors available, a nuclear power plant, using all of the power produced will also suffice, but will take several hours to charge. It can be modified to fire a continuous burst but using it at full power for more than an hour will ignite the atmosphere in the surrounding area.

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